Sunday, May 06, 2018

Spring has FINALLY sprung! We are enjoying it by heading to the greenhouse to buy plants, planting gardens, riding bikes, and cleaning all the winter Muck out of the car! I’ve never been so excited to vacuum floor mats in my entire life!

Grayson’s Yellow Belt

Just like his sister,  Grayson is a natural at karate! He just loves it so so so much! He was very excited to be able to attend his first belt ceremony and earn his yellow striped belt. The kids intensity and focus is unmatched by almost anyone I’ve ever seen. All of the other students were goofing around waiting for the ceremony to begin while Grayson’s in the corner practicing his kata at least 30 times over and over and over unprompted. Such a sweet kid, I love him so much!

Les Miserables

 I just love musical theater! Way back in October I purchased tickets for josh’s favorite musical, les miserables. To say these actors/ singers have incredible talent is just not even grand enough descriptor. Jean Valjean has such vocal range I found nyself literally breathless!!!

Bonus was the fact that Bellis’ were able to go with us! We had great dinner at Americana and I managed to keep it a secret the whole 7 months as part of Josh’s 40th birthday gift! 

Kenna’s art

As usual, I am so stinking proud of this kid! I have never seen her so engaged in a class as I did with art this year. She would go in early to work on her drawing, bring her art home even though she didn’t have to, and work into the night - just really went above and beyond on every single art project. She was honored in the ankeny spring art show. She definitely has a talent I hope she continues to foster it!

Dietary changes

We are conducting an experiment. We met with an integrative pediatrician for Zach. Through her over 30 years of experience she seems to think that inflammatory foods like dairy and gluten can lead to neurological struggles in kids. So, we are going gluten and dairy free for four months to see what happens. 

With that I created a “tasting“ menu for the kids. One Wednesday they woke up and rated all of these different gluten and dairy free foods to see what I could buy them. It definitely has been very difficult, and we sort of miss bread!

We have been noticing improvements with Zach, and most importantly we have taken him off adderol. My happy, carefree, silly, rested, and well fed boy is back!

If nothing else it has really made me refocus on what we’re putting in our bodies. While most of the “tasting “ menu was processed sugary food, I’m trying to focus more on all of us eating whole foods. Definitely a journey!


I bought some of this charcoal clay facial mask online. You put it on your face, wait for half an hour, and then peel it off. Not sure it did anything but we had a good time with it!


The winter this year was so incredibly long! I heard on the news that it was the longest in 137 years. We were still getting snow in the middle of April! So the first nice night we had we took full of vantage and grilled and had a bonfire with the neighbors in the backyard.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Sound of Music

Loved attending AHS production of Sound of Music. I mistakenly deleted our email with tickets but Kenna and I found some empty seats and it worked out! Ran into Tina Davis the kids Kindermusik teacher. Her daughter was one of the leads and man were these kids talented!! From sets to lighting and ultimately the fantastic singing! Love that kenna enjoys theater like I do 😀

Saturday, April 07, 2018

Zach's 9th Birthday Party

As the kids get older we have a hard time trying to make birthdays fun and unique. Luckily the new gym in town that we happen to belong to does children's birthday parties! So, let them control 12 crazy 9 year old boys and I don't have to clean up.....SOLD!

Zach has a really eclectic group of friends and they are all such sweet kids. Loud, but sweet! They had a great time swimming and making up pool games. One of the kiddos got sick with about 5 minutes left which had the party run a little short...sorry Trail Point Pool staff...oops!

Then began the shuffle into the changing room to get boys showered and changed. So glad josh could help with that! They are equal parts crazy hyper boys and insecure young men who want their privacy...tricky with that many of them!

Opened presents and ate cake, then they enjoyed playing foosball and ping pong while we waited for parents. Great experience and I'd highly recommend it! My neighbor also makes these AMAZING cookies...she is so talented! Sent one home with each boy and they thought they were pretty cool!

Happy birthday my sweet boy!!

Friday, April 06, 2018

Spring Break

We had a low-key spring break here. No traveling for us, just a lot of going through the house and decluttering. We did have a couple fun days where we made homemade donuts, went to sky zone with some friends, got to play in some pretty nice weather outside. We are saving up our money and time for epic road trip this summer. Stay tuned for that!

Grayson and I tackled the garage one day. Taking everything out cleaning it all and put it all back in was rewarding. We had so much junk!  We watch Nolan one day and took him and some of Kenna’s friends to sky zone. 

Kenna got to undertake her first job! Her friend Chloe was saving money for show choir camp and invited Kenna to work with her at her dad’s landscaping company. She got to stay overnight at their house (with indoor pool!) and got treated to fancy lunches every day. She even made $10 an hour! I told her this is not really how first jobs are supposed to go. She definitely was working hard potting Nearly 300 large plants. Rhett raved about what a hard worker and a great addition to the team she was. I’m very proud of her and her work ethic, and her easy-going disposition. Such a wonderful girl!

We also had a very short visit with Shoemaker‘s. They came to visit for a few days to pick up a large piece of carpet and it up staying for the weekend. Really fun to see everybody.