Monday, March 12, 2018

We’re so lucky to have such brilliant kids! We got zachs CoGat back-98th percentile measured over three different variables. Such a smarter!

Kenna has always exceeded in standardized testing usually in the mid 90th percentile!

And not to be left out Grayson scored highest in the entire 1st grade in his reading also way above benchmark in math...we are so happy to have such smart sweet kids!!!! 

I just live Mrs. longnecker! She realized early on that Grayson needed a challenge so she formed a special math group that he meets with weekly to keep him challenged. Such a wonderful teacher!!!

Cooking up a storm

Tried the new salt plate Kenna/daddy got me for salmon ever!! And we did a fairly good job copycatting Pizza Hut deep dish pizzas!

Kenna’s art

Kenna has been very into sketching lately. Watching YouTube, referencing books. She’s really getting quite good!!!


I could not be more proud of this kid. He wanted to try fencing a year or so ago and has really excelled! Zach isn’t a fan of team sports. I am most proud because he has learned how to win and lose graciously, and as is honest if someone scores a point on him. 

I really enjoyed watching him grow in the sport and learn a little about it. He had his season ending tournament last week and scored second overall!! For one of the first times I saw him push his body to exhaustion, and it was refreshing to see him do this, as he usually tends to shy away from exercise. So proud of this young man!!!

Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Little is as exciting to a bunch of first and third graders as
 a bearded dragon and a fresh batch of crickets.

Chicago visit

 Over Martin Luther King weekend I took the kids to Shoemaker‘s house to celebrate a late Christmas. We had planned to go earlier, but Zach got sick and we didn’t want to spread germs with Asher.

The drive to Chicago is rather boring, but there is the largest truck stop in the world on the way. I may have hyped up the coolness of it a little too much because the kids were underwhelmed. We did get a little dinner, and had a lot of fun being silly and taking a break from driving.

We got in a little late so we did play for a while and then went to bed the first night. The next day we headed to the science Museum, and boy is it amazing! We could easily spend multiple weekends there and never get through everything. 

The hardest part for me was trying to keep track of three kids as there is so much to see and do. They have a full-size train on display in the lobby where you buy your tickets. There are four floors with lots of rotating exhibits. The highlight for Zach would have to be in the weather area where he got to see a tornado simulator and I believe he would still be playing with the different weather exhibits if I hadnt have dragged him away.

The highlight for me was touring it full-sized real submarine that was inside the museum. It was a German sub captured during World War II. All the writing was in German and we learned all about life on the subermine. It was around 90° inside at all times with only 60 gallons of drinkable water available every day for the nearly 60 sokdiers. That meant zero showers and only one bathroom to use for the whole crew. The wool blankets would get so sweaty and Lice infested that it had to be just miserable. As one shift would get out of the beds that must’ve been sweaty, second shift crew would climb into the sweaty beds and go to sleep. I don’t know how I would’ve survived! The tour guide went on to explain that the sub was used to destroy cargo ships carrying supplies. At times they would have to remain completely silent for days so as not to be detected by the boats.

We had a good time visiting with Chelsey and Spencer and playing with Lily Asher. I took some family photos of them and then we had to take our car out of the snow in an attempt to drive home on Monday. Hoping for lots of trips to Chicago in the future to explore more fun things.

Daddy’s Office

A few weeks ago we ended up visiting Josh at his new office. He’s been working a lot of long hours lately with a lot of tight deadlines. We played some games, and I brought some dinner - it maybe nerd central but it’s quite fun!

Fun Weekend

I tried to have a fun Presidents’ Day weekend planned for the kids. It was kind of cold outside, so we ended up having to go to couple indoor places to take full advantage of the time we had. Kenna brought a friend, and we ended up going to park in Des Moines that we love with lots of climbing obstacles, and then to pump it up to get our bounces out. I would say it was very successful!