Saturday, February 17, 2018

Valentine’s Day

This year we kept Valentine’s Day simple. I gave the kids a box of candy and a hand written valentine and made them fun valentine lunch. Kenna wanted to make a cherry pie and made elaborate presentation to surprise daddy. Very fun! 

Loved our fall photos this year!!!

Kitchen remodel

Oh the evolution of our kitchen! When we bought the house in 2005, I almost forced us to pass. I clike not get past the ghastly kitchen! But with some prompting from my visionary husband, we offered less on the house and invested $10,000 in remodeling our kitchen. 

Most of it was DIY, and we definitely made some errors along the way. But for the most part I loved my kitchen for the last 12 years. When Josh earned some stock from his last company, we made the decision to sell some and modernize the look of our kitchen. What I didn’t know is that it would take nine weeks, require us to live with onky a table, hot plate, and crockpot. I can safely say that we survived, and it was very stressful process! For over a week we couldn’t have anything on the main floor as they sanded and stained the wood. Definitely worth it in the end, and I admire our families resourcefulness! Thank goodness Gramma Rue let us use her dishwasher. I feel I owe the earth a lot with all the disposable table wear we used!!!

Josh found a heart from last time we remodeled!

Our makeshift kitchen!!

Mammas boy

I love this kid so much. The kids earn positive reward tickets at school for good behavior and for making good choices. He saves his up and ends up buying me trinkets from the prize box. He has been most proud of  this cold chain necklace, and some other beaded jewelry that he’s bought me. He is the sweetest and his future wife is a lucky lady!

Monday, February 12, 2018


I love how this six-year-old take suppose you’re in things. Tonight he googled for what seemed like hours in this big bubble bath. I love this kid.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Kenna basketball season

OK, as if this kid couldn’t get any cooler, this year she decided she wanted to try basketball. Normally this would not be a huge revelation for an 11-year-old, but we live in competitive Ankeny. I feel like kids here start sports before they can walk. So for Mckenna to try a new sport at age 11, just made me so proud! The kid doesn’t care if she isn’t the best, she doesn’t care if she makes silly mistakes, she’s totally fine trying something new and it is a trait I wish I possessed. I just so admire her! Luckily, she has a lot of natural ability. She was the first one down to the opponents basket. She had a good natural understanding of the game and how to play defense. Throughout the season she really improved in her shooting and dribbling and I just love her attitude! I hope she continues to do this throughout her whole life! Go comets!

Lunch with this face

I love how much Grayson loves me. I know it isn’t forever, but right now he just wants to spend all his time with me. So when he invites me out for lunch, I go. I cannot believe how loud the lunch room is! Those poor lunchroom teachers!


We didn’t have a lot of snow last year, I think we only had one snowstorm actually. So this year we’ve had quite a bit of snow and the kids couldn’t be happier. One of the perks of living in a cul-de-sac is that the snowplow piles up a huge pile in the middle and the entire neighborhood gets in on the fun of building a snow fort. I think Grayson has spent at least two hours outside every day after school this week. The kid loves the snow!

Happy National Ice Cream For Breakfast Day

Why have kids if you can’t celebrate silly, pointless national holidays? And who am I to argue with having ice cream for breakfast on national ice cream Day?

Gramma Mary 90th birthday

We were so lucky to spend a few days in Colorado with grandma Mary. I took Kenna with Brandon and I and Dad, Gary, Julianne, and Hannah all made it to her party. Dad put an ad in the local paper and about 100 people from her church came to celebrate her.

We had a really great time. We played a lot of cards, went out to eat if you times, and ended up staying just across the street in my grandma‘s friends trailer house. Staying there was a good reality check for McKenna. I think she got a dose of how lucky she is to have such a large house and nice things. The trailer house was fine, but definitely small. She also got a chance to play with a girl who lives next door to my grandma. I love that she can get along with anyone. 

Brandon picked us up around 4:30 AM on a Friday. Are you headed to the airport got to Grand Junction well before the party started at 1 O’clock. Since Brandon usually goes to bed around 2 AM he didn’t even sleep that day. We got to help set up the party and help serve food as Gramma‘s guest arrived at her church. Quite a few people said really nice things while Dad played MC.

Gramma was so happy to get around 80 cards. Hannah had surprised her and flown in for her birthday. I think that made Gramma‘s day. After that the rest the time I just spent catching up, eating ice cream, and going out for dinner. We played lots of cribbage and Trump. I had a good time catching up with my dad and Gary. I love hearing about all of their adventures, especially Gary‘s entrepreneurial ideas. My favorite part was listening to stories of Gramma growing up. Having to haul her water, lighting a wood stove to cook, and being in charge of feeding her family of 10 when she was 12. The look on Mccanna’s face was worth the whole trip! Happy birthday Gramma!

Valentines Parties

This party ended another year of classroom parties. I think the homeroom parents of the world are underappreciated. It takes quite a bit of effort and time to organize these parties for the kids. It really makes me have a new appreciation of the teachers, trying to herd the crazy kids to the various stations. I volunteer every year not because I love cutting 50 hearts for a Valentines craft, but because I love to be a part of my kids educational experiences. Secretly I get to watch them interact with their friends and I get a chance to another teachers a little bit better. I love seeing their faces light up when I get to have a fun party at school and stray from the norm.

In third grade they rotate classrooms, so I only have to do one portion of the party for 100 kids. We made an ASL I love you card. It was actually quite a hit! And Grayson’s class we made suncatchers, Played a heart game, and handed out valentines. I had a lot of fun, and I think the kids appreciate the hard work!


Grayson had a great basketball season! He may have missed two games (one because we couldn’t find him hiking in our backyard-turned out he was actually in the neighbors basement...oops!) and one because daddy forgot when I was out of town last week...double oops!! I love his Energy, sportsmanship, and overall positive attitude around the game. He’s just a really good teammate, celebrating even when someone passes the ball correctly. I can’t wait to see were this game takes him!

Henna at the library

Today Kenna and Peyton attended a Henna history lesson at the library. We ate so lucky to have such awesome free programming there. I would say they had a good time!! 

Monday, November 06, 2017

Calvin and Hobbes

Joy is finding this 500 page Calvin and Hobbes book at the library. He reads the characters with such gusto. He really has a good time reading the mom with what I can only assume is a "mom voice" that I both take offense too and laugh hysterically about! He stayed up (probably way too late) reading the crazy antics of this boy who is always causing mischief with his imaginary pal. It is the perfect reading material!