Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Fall Photos

I could not be more pleased with this year's fall photos. I did a few head swaps, but was really please with my cute little family! Also - have been wanting to do superman photos of the boys for YEARS! So happy they turned out perfectly!!

That goofy grin...keeping for prosperity! 

McKenna half birthday

I started a new tradition, because who doesn't love cake?!?!? I surprised Kenna with her favorite dinner and half an oreo cake on November 11th (her official half birthday.) I think she loved now to continue with the rest of the family!!


I always watch TV like cozy, right?


So, a girlfriend of mine started this 30 day challenge online. Every day for 30 days we do exercises and build up over 30 days. Well, I thought it would be fun to get the kids involved and they loved it! This sparked a desire for Josh and I to find something athletic for the kids to do, especially in the winter. Chad and Tara had joined a gym a few months ago that has AMAZING kids programming. Classes run all day everyday that they take while you are working out! I get 3 hours of child care a day, and the opportunity to take spinning, yoga, is just perfect for us. A little pricey, but we are going to try and make it work because the swimming in winter is almost worth the cost alone! 

Family Fun Night

I have been trying to be better about having one night a week sacred for family fun. We have been doing Friday's the last month or so and it has really energized the kidlets. One night we made pizza and decorated these amazing turkeys using paper bags.

Another night we went to the food court at Jordan Creek and then to this glow in the dark mini golf place. Glad it was a groupon because the place was sort of a dive! The point is the kids have fun, and we get to spend time together as a family. Love it!

I think this kid is tired

Don't hate me when you are older for posting this Grayson!!


I have never been happy for the end of soccer season. While I was initially really intimidated by the thought of coaching 10 girls, I really did enjoy doing it. I really learned to love the little stinkers! I definitely could identify the ones that will be soccer players in the future, and the ones that are only there because their parents make them come. I never realized how much work it was to organize, and I am so much more grateful to all of my kids' coaches!!

The ice cream party was a huge hit after our last game. A few of the parents even got together and got me a gift card...which was SUPER sweet! While I think my coaching career is over, glad I did it once!

Proud of this Kid

Zachey has had a hard time transitioning to kindergarten this year. He is above average on all of his academic milestones, but he has a hard time staying on task and keeping his hands to himself. His parent teacher conference was so hard for me. I see this loving wonderful kid, but his teacher is struggling wrangling him. So, I brought a smiley face plan that I have seen work with other busy boys. And since then he is doing AWESOME! I couldn't be more proud. He just needs a constant reminder that friends don't like their hoods put up for them, and if someone cuts in line it isn't his job to push them out of line....oops! I am proud of his hard work and the wonderful person he is :)

Jester Park

We took the boys out to Jester Park as Kenna had a party she was occupied with. One of Josh's good friends Travis was celebrating his 40th birthday by camping in what I would consider cold conditions! The boys had fun throwing rocks in the water and climbing through the "jungle." Was pretty steep, but made for some good pictures!


We had a few failed attempts at getting together for a bonfire this year. Gona and Baca had enough brush to burn for days! And the day we decided on was too windy...but that didn't stop us from having a mini bon fire :) The kids just LOVE to explore the property and had a unique set of adventures this go around as well!

Zachary was equal parts terrified and excited at finding these two caterpillars


Zachary shares his sister's love of horses 

Grayson is convinced that this lawn mower is a green tractor...until he figures it out on his own, this is what we call it as well

The light was just right to make this an awesome photo...helps that she is darn cute too!

Kenna took this one of me...hard to shoot backlight! Good job kid!

True colors right here....;)

Grayson kept stealing the smokies

This was our last outing with Lucky...his back hips were so bad he could barely walk. The kids always say, "We miss lucky, he was such a good dog!"

Yes, Kade shoved a whole hot dog in his mouth. Pretty sure his parents were beaming with pride in the picture above.

The kids spent hours breaking apart this fallen tree. They put the little sticks in the small fire. I think they liked climbing and breaking things without being corrected.

This is one of my favorite pictures of all time....marshmallow face with gorgeous baby blues. Love this kid!

Thanksgiving Thoughts

This year I am so grateful for a quiet holiday. No travel, no work for me, Josh taking some time off to just "be" as a family...I love it. Today I got to go to a spinning class and Josh played with the kids outside in the new snow. I made a hot breakfast and they drank hot chocolate. So peaceful and perfect. Tonight I get to go to dinner at my mom's and uncle brandon is in town. Then tomorrow is Gona and Baca's and I actually get to STAY for the farkle tournament! I don't have to rush off to work 16 hours straight....strange how okay I am with all of it!

I got to go to lunch with my old boss and the territory team last week. It was fun to hear all the plans and gossip and strategy. I do miss so many of them so very much. But I love the structure and ease of our life now. I feel organized, engaged with my family and just happy! A lot to be grateful for!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Grayson Photo Shoot

I went out and took some pictures of Grayson before I really got serious about learning my camera. They turned out pretty good, but of course am picking them apart now!