Monday, January 13, 2014

Gramma Rue and Gona/Baca Christmas

 We had a Small Christmas gathering on Christmas Eve at my mom's house. Grandma watson came to visit on the coldest week on record in 40 years. They actually canceled school for 2 days because of windchill -40 degrees....UGH! But, we bundled up and went to Moms for dinner and so the kids could open one present early. The boys got their own little seats which they LOVED, Grayson a bear, and Zachey (of course) a "Jeffey."

Kenna got life which we have played quite a few times since!


 On Christmas night we went to Gona and Baca's. Grayson took his nap there and we just had fun eating, opening gifts and being silly! Was nice to have all the Miller/Christians there.


Kenna's favorite gift of the night was this super snuggly jacket...she has warn it everywhere!

Mace Christmas

A few weeks ago we celebrated our typical Mace Christmas. We all brought too much food, the kids were hyped up on sugar, and we giggled at the silly "Chinese Christmas" gifts.

Grayson kept stealing little smokies....I think he has 3 in his mouth here!

NEVER a serious picture with this one!

Mike and Bridgot got the kids gifts...this foot piano was a hit!

Really fun seeing Colton and AJs kids....was great having them there!

Plunger and toilet paper...we will just say that no one stole that one ;)

Grandma could totally rock this tank top :)

Kenna had many a meltdown moment. The kids were battling over a power ranger toy. She also thought this little key chain that looked like it was pooping was HILARIOUS! And below kade drew the underwear that we brought....she gets very into it ;)

We had a great time. Josh and I commented on how we felt like we forgot something! Traditionally we have diapers and car seats,and bouncers, and diaper bags, and toys, and bottles, etc etc. This year the kids all walked in on their own, found things to occupy them, and it was relatively uneventful....crazy that this is possible! Sad in one way, but exciting in another!

Passports - A good thing

I have been SOOOO looking forward to our vacation. Josh and I booked a little getaway to Cancun, then south to Gona and Baca's property in Mexico. The hope was to get some sun, play on the beach and do some fun Mexican touristy stuff. I really have been checked out of the planning process, and was just looking forward to the time away!

Well, Saturday, was running last minute errands when I talk to frantic josh on the phone. "Your passport's expired..." SHIT! I hadn't even thought of that. I think in the back of my mind I knew that Josh had an active one, so assumed I did as well! Forgot that he washed his and had to get a replacement, so his is about 5 years newer than mine.

Multiple internet searches, phone calls, speaking with United for hours later....we had no choice. I told Josh to go without me, but then we found a glimmer of hope....federal building in Minneapolis. Josh found an online appointment option. I had friends tell me that they have had success bringing necessary documents and getting passport expedited.

So, with fingers crossed, we drove to Minneapolis last night. We actually had a pretty good time at Dave and Busters this evening, with adult conversation about politics for most of the ride up - who knew my husband was so interesting! No baby talk...was rather refreshing!

I downloaded an app that gives you last minute deals on hotels. We found a super chic hotel downtown called Hotel Minneapolis. It is a converted bank that is covered in marble an history. We got in, watched movies, got room service dessert and did our best to make lemons out of lemonade! Our appointment is at 10am this hoping we can get it resolved today and be on a flight this evening! Positive thoughts!