Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Char's 40th

Its been a big year for birthdays. A few weeks ago Heidi turned 40 and we surprised her with a limo that took us to dinner and then a comedy show. When I found out that Jamie wasn't doing anything too big for Char's 40th I decided to get to work! I reached out to all of her friends and family and asked them to create a short 1 minute video of why they love/appreciate char. Then I compiled it with imovie and we sent out an invite for a surprise party! A great group showed up and we all watched the movie together. I think there were some tears and everything came together splendidly! Heidi and I make a great party-planning team and I know Char loved it :)


My sweet helper getting some seeds started since it is still getting below freezing at night - hurry up summer!

Zoo - Spring Break

More spring break fun - we headed to the zoo. While most of the main attraction things were closed, we did enjoy a low key day of just being in the sun, learning about tortoises and playing on the great playground they have there. Was nice to have no agenda and no where to be!

Spring Break Fun

Last week was spring break and we were excited not to have any major plans. We went to the library, played outside with our friends and did a few little daytrip type things to keep the kids entertained.

The highlight was going to Iowa City with Gentrys. The kids were surprisingly well behaved! They rode the whole hour and half with few problems and really had a great time at the children's museum! There was a hospital, pizzaria, restaurant, grocery store, puppet show castle, flight simulators, golf ball room, bank, wind tunnel, lego room, farm, block room, train area, and many other things we probably didn't even get to. Because it was in a mall, lunch was easy and there was something for everyone. I was very pleased with the ease and fun that we had!!

My favorite memory was watching Grayson in this little pizza restaurant. He put on an apron and took great care in making a pizza with cheese and toppings, then putting it in the oven and bringing it to me as the customer. He brought me drinks and a bill - he was really getting into it!

Zach made a really excellent police car. He was really sad he had to leave it.

Man was this room a hit! hundreds of these soft bendable blocks to build forts or obstacle courses with. The boys played in here for a long time!

This is probably another of Grayson's favorite games. He loaded up about 30 golf balls in his hat and climbed the stairs to let them down the roller coaster one at a time. He would probably still be there if we didn't have to leave :)

I cannot believe we have never been here before! What a wonderful way to kick off spring break!


Zachary has been talking about getting a pet for a long time. He wanted a fish, or something that he could keep in his room that was just his. We visited the pet store and read online about what a good pet for his age would be and stumbled upon the bearded dragon.

I was apprehensive trying to push for a bunny, or gerbil - but he insisted on the dragon. He even read about them online and asked lots of great questions at the store about how to hold him, what they ate, how to clean their cage - so cute!

So, we bit the bullet and welcomed spyro into the family. Zach thusfar has been a great dragon keeper. We joke about him growing wings and breathing fire - but truthfully Zach has done a really great job! I love seeing how caring he is, how he reads to him and takes him around to show him our house. He is very careful to make sure he has enough water and crickets and that the right light is turned on at the right time.

This was a great early birthday present and I know they will have lots of years of being great buddies...they can live 10!

Ice Skating

I had a groupon that expired at the end of february for ice skating. Since the boys were less than enthused Kenna and I went with Chloe. It was a little underwhelming - because it was 60 degrees and the poor rink was a slushy mess! I made it around a few times and called it quits - the girls only a few more times than me. Not to waste the afternoon, we headed to zombie burger for shakes and then to look at the art downtown. Its been fun watching these girls grow up together. They don't go to the same school, but always have a good time.


Grayson had his buddy Isaac over after school a few weeks ago (amidst the mess.) It is so fun seeing him being such a good friend. He just loves his bestie Isaac. And they get to play soccer together this summer!

Look who's reading

I'm so proud of this little stinker! He has shown an interest in reading for quite some time, asking about what letter things start with, what sound they make, when he was going to get to learn to read. We have been practicing nightly on some easier books to try and learn basic sight words. Well I was so surprised when this came home with his mail yesterday! What a proud momma :)