Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I'm Back!

This has been a whirlwind summer for me, and my whole family. I feel like I have been tested in ways that I have never had to face before. There have been week-long trips, friends leaving the company who have worked with me for over 8 years, new district manager and new stores to learn and assist. Professionally it has been exciting and I have received more praise the last 3 months than I have the last 13 years! I feel like I have finally arrived!

The downside is that my poor kids only got to go to the pool with me once. My poor husband is busy playing daddy shuttle when I am unable to take the kids somewhere, and we do not see each other as often as I would like...not really even half as often. My once rigid workout routine has slipped and I hardly have time to cook, let alone plan out healthy meals.

Balance is what I crave and what I hope to achieve. It has been pretty evident in just the frequency of my blog posts that time has escaped me the last 4 months - as I covered for my jobshare partner on her maternity leave. I am glad she's back, anxious to see if we can take a run at this and have better balance.

So, my commitment to myself is that I will catch up with all the events I failed to write about by blogging 5x a week until I catch up. Pretty sure that I have pictures from McKenna's birthday party that never made it on here!!

Until then - a few fun things that are going on this week :)

- Kenna got a new bike. While I was so close to buying her a trek, beautiful pink bike with gears and all the whistles, I checked myself. We talked about her earning money to pay for it, and she showed her true seven year old colors and refused. We have a long way to go from entitled 7 year old to hard working, value of a dollar young lady...until we are there she will get the $50 walmart bike, that she really likes just fine :)

- My Grayson grew up overnight. He is working on complete sentences, showing interest in potty training, and actually plays WITH kenna and zachey now - such a fun age!

- Zachary is still my little charmer. I asked him if he knew what his preschool teacher's name was, he replied "Mr. Goody-Two-Shoes?" What a sweetheart :) He gets glasses this week and I can't wait to see him in them!

- Lanie is still a stinker and peeing all over the place...we are less than consistent in potty training, but at least we took up all the rugs on the main floor..so its just on hardwood or tile, easy cleanup! She'll get there :) At least we give her the "go potty" command outside and she does....she sits like a champ as well :)

Alright, blogger commitment day 1, achieved!