Friday, October 28, 2011

Hilarious Little Man

Zachey gets cuter and cuter everyday...oh the things he comes up are some excerpts from today:

Me: Zachey, what was Quinny for Halloween?
Zachey: He was a piwate, argh mateys!

Tonight we went to Colan's surpirse 60th birthday party. He was playing with some kids in their basement. He comes running upstairs, "mommy, I'm playin with my boys!"

Later tonight at the party to a complete stranger, "Hi, my butt hurts"

Playing in the bathtub while I'm updating this blog: "gentlemans, start your engines!"

Thursday, October 27, 2011

You've Been Boo'd!

It seems each year we get this game started in our neighborhood. A snack gets delivered, then we have to hang up this sign and deliver two snacks. Kenna and I had a blast tonight making snacks to deliver to two of our neighbors. We had even more fun sneaking around after dark and delivering them and running away...ohhh the giggles..!

--almond "candy corn" cookies--

--we made these oreo cakester bats--

 --kenna did the eyes--

I should have taken a picture of the presentation. We put the cookies on the outside of a paper plate and cut styrofoam balls in half. Then we stuck some of the bat pops in the balls so they stood up. We love halloween!

Blacky and a Baby Shower

Kenna was outside playing, enjoying the AMAZING weather we've been having and found a friend. Meet "Blacky" the caterpillar. Luckily I told her he wanted to play with his friends outside...she wanted him to sleep in her room.

Later that day we went to Newton to celebrate Emily's baby shower! Kenna was Emily's flower girl 3 years ago and they are expecting their first at the end of February. I wish I had more pictures, but forgot my camera!

They had a whole 'little pumpkin" theme. With a cake that looked just like the image below, cupcakes with frosting pumpkins on top, toasted pumpkin seeds for snacks, just really cute party. Kenna and I went. It was fun to see Emily's family, and to see Aaron (her husband) as we have all worked together for 5 years :)

--little gift bags, kenna won the raffle and got a makeup fancy!--

Gramma Great

A few weekends ago we visited Gramma Great. She had just returned from church, and we came over for lunch. Zachey found a toy airplane that he became obsessed with and Kenna went through many pillows finding just the right one...or three ;)

We ate lunch in a small dining room upstairs, the kids did pretty well! I however had a difficult time setting off the alarm when I left...oops!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall Photos 2011

I don't know why I always stress about getting our pictures taken. The kids always do a great job, and now the problem is...which ones to choose?