Friday, December 16, 2011

Grayson 6 month Stats

Grayson surprised me a little - for a kid that is ALWAYS hungry he isn't really as chunky as my other two :)

Weight: 17lbs 2 oz - 39th percentile
Height: 26.5 inches - 48th percentile
Head: 18 inches - 91st percentile ;)

He is similar to Kenna in the way he is proportioned :) Cute as ever! Right now he is all about sucking on his lip/hands/anything he can grab. He isn't sitting up on his own, but will with support. He is very mellow, pretty content just watching what is happening. He can roll, but usually chooses not to. He never moves in his bed, will just make noise till I come get him. He is eating rice cereal/baby oatmeal like a champ, so anxious to get him started on some baby veggies soon! Going to try and be better about making my own food this time around! He still has the biggest grin and it takes over his whole face when he smiles....just love it. I have cut back on nursing quite a bit. With traveling I just haven't been able to keep up. He still is about half and half. With the introduction of food, he will probably be less interested soon anyway. I think it is more about me holding on as this is my last one!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Recital

Grayson had the flu, so daddy missed out on this recital. I recorded it so he could see. We were so proud of our little ballerina! Chloe made her these cute little Christmas barrettes, and even had some bling for the Christmas look. The girls looked so cute! Chloe is next to Kenna, and her other little friend Abby is next to her.


Sunday, December 04, 2011

Sensitive Lady

We have recently branched out of the animated princess movies and into PG movies for Ms. Kenna. She can understand the plots, and usually has good questions about the characters!

One of the latest installments has been "Air Bud." In the movie a boy finds a dog, and discovers he can play basketball. His real owner (a bad man) comes back to retrieve him and the boy tries to help the dog get away. The only way to do that is to take him far away and tell the dog he doesn't want him anymore. He tells him to go away, as he knows that if the dog stays with him the bad man will find him.

Kenna has seen the movie a few times and always starts bawling her eyes out. She gets so emotional saying "he is such......a" She knows the ending in that they are reunited, but it warms my heart to see that she is so sensitive...

Hard to grow up isn't it kiddo ;)

Saturday, December 03, 2011

I LOVE to eat FOOD!

Look who is LOVING rice cereal....helped him sleep a LOT better too!! Thank you Gerber!

Decorating Full Swing!

We decorated this weekend, got our tree today, and will finish decorating that when Kenna gets home from her friends house :) I'll have to post pictures later...we did a great job, I think!

Things I have said today:

"If you hit your sister with that tube (wrapping paper tube), I'll take it away"
"Don't eat the christmas tree"
"Don't put lights on Rylee"
"No Grayson does NOT want the glass ornament"

Thanks for helping me decorate Zachey ;)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Grayson in Bear Outfit

Taking some cute pictures of Grayson before he outgrows this outfit! All three have worn it (will have to dig through the archives to find the others.) Perfect example of Grayson just being happy!

 --playing his trumpet--


Kenna had not seen her good friend Campbell since school stated. They went to preschool together, and since Campbell's birthday is after september, she stayed in it one more year. Kenna sure misses her!!

The played dress up and dance girls and colored and painted their nails, pretty much every cliche little girl thing that is out there :) They even went to bed at a decent hour! In the morning we woke up and ate cinnimon roles and played some more.

Here are some dance pictures...too cute!


We had to have a quick thanksgiving this year. I had to leave for Texas on a flight at 3, which meant I needed to leave Gona and Baca's by 1pm. We got there around 10, and ate at 11. Was laid back with great food and family...just as it should be :)

--daddy was trying to fix something with all his apple gear-- 

--kenna helped set the table with nametags at each place setting-- 

--grayson tried rice cereal for the first time. LOVED it-- 

--the sun was really bright, so Josh went Indiana Jones on us-- 

Thanks Gona and Baca for hosting! I had a whirlwind trip to Texas. I flew into Austin, drove to Houston. Hit two stores starting at the midnight opening, crashed for a few hours in a hotel, then hit two more stores, driving over 1000 miles in 2 days....I am still tired! It was a lot of fun, just went by in a blur really!

Thanksgiving Feast Elementary Style

On Tuesday I got to help for Kenna's Thanksgiving Feast. Each parent sent something (cheese, popcorn, apples, etc.) I was fortunate enough to be chosen as a helper! Kenna has been learning all about pilgrims this week. The most interesting fact is that they only had one chair in their house, for the dad. The kids sat on the floor and the mom would be working in the kitchen. Luckily Kenna said "hey that's not fair!" Glad we have evolved since then!

The kids made two costumes. She got to bring home the one she didn't wear at the feast. 

--this is Neela (who she plays with at YMCA after school care) and her BFF Peyton on the right (we REALLY like her!) -- 

 --how cute is this giant table with all the kindergartners--

I could not believe how much they ate, it was rediculous. That evening Peyton came over to play. The girls had fun, although McKenna has a hard time not being bossy...working on that ;)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cute Kid-ness

Haven't had a lot of time to post lately. Between finishing school (60 hours left!) Working pretty much full time, kindermusik, dance, and not my recent stupid decision to volunteer for the PTO raffle solicitation (why do I do these things...) I have been swamped!
But I have taken a few cute kid pix over the last weeks...enjoy!

--I can't keep up with Grayson these days. He gets about 2 bottles of formula to supplement what I feed him. Kenna is a HUGE help when I am trying to cook/clean/maintain sanity!--

--had to make this one big cause its So.stinkin.cute!--

--I recently trimmed up his crazy patch of long hair, he is so happy all the time!--

 --very focused on everything!--

--this is how we watch Dora on Saturday morning ;) --

--another happy baby shot! Pretty sure he only knows how to cry when he's hungry....we are so lucky!--

I am traveling a few more times this year. Once to Texas on thanksgiving day to make sure I am there for the midnight opening (first time we've done this!) I only have a few more days to spend at the high school to complete my 60 hours that I have left! Then comes Christmas baking and shopping....I can hardly wait!!

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Deep Zachey Thoughts

On the way home from daycare tonight Zachey was full of funny things to say.

As I was accelerating away from the driveway he says: "Full speed AHEAD!" It was funny. Both he and Kenna kept saying it all the way home.

Also, we had a full moon tonight. Zachey was in the middle of telling me what he did at Eski's today, and totally stopped mid sentence saying "Look DA MOON!" I said something like, yes its so big tonight. He watched it for a few minutes and then said "hey, da moon is followin us...."

Probably too soon to explain why it looks like it is. Thanks for the laugh little man!

Sunday, November 06, 2011


For those of you that have ever watched Dora or Diego, you know they are very interactive. They usually have a progression of events, "first we'll go to the pyramid, then the bridge, then the river" or something similar.

Well today, Zachey was coloring a diego book. In it was a maze and he created his own little Diego episode :) He talks about going to the "spooky cave" then the "big river" and finally the "snowy mountains." He did it a few times before I got the camera out, so he's a little annoyed with me..but it was so stinkin cute!

Leaf Party

Yesterday we went to Stone's House for a leaf party. They have a big maple and were certain the leaves would all fall off. Well...they were still attached, but Nate borrowed a bunch of leaves from his neighbors yard.

--kids in their fall gear (love Zachey's hat) --

--katie playing on their playhouse--

--pile of borrowed leaves--

--can you see kevin's head?--

We hat chicken pot pies and rice crispy treats, perfect end to the fall! The weather was pretty nice and the kids had a blast!

Beggar's Night

I talk about this every year...but for some reason we celebrate Halloween on the 30th in Iowa. This year we continued with the tradition of all the neighbors bringing chili/cornbread/beer/toppings to the edge of the cul de sac. They set up tents and brought chairs. We took the kids trick or treating with Andersen's and ended our evening chowing down :)

--pre trick or treating corn bread!--

--Calen was a cute cowboy--

--Megan and Ganon wiere a witch and Frankenstein--

--Lucy was Little Red Riding Hood, and Chloe was Smurfette--

--later that evening we ran into Nolan...hilarious costume!--
The kids made QUITE a haul..we are rationing candy with one piece a day, IF they eat a good dinner :) I couldn't help but laugh hilariously at Zachary. He ran to the door, got his candy, then RAN to the next house...pretty sure the kids ran the entire hour or so they were out...they slept well that night!