Sunday, October 14, 2012

Some Cute Movies

Here is one of Zachey making Grayson laugh with a silly birthday toy

And maybe a less cute one....tried to capture what have become epic fits that Grayson throws for no reason. I believe in this case he couldn't fit a car in his bucket ;)

Night and day huh? 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Nolan's Birthday

Grandpa Bob was at a surprise party in Omaha last weekend. He got a chance to drive up here and spend a few days with us too. It happened to coincide with Nolan's 5th birthday party which had a curious george theme. The weather was really nice so the kids got to play outside in the backyard. The event ended with a curious george pinata (which was sort of awful as they tried to break curious george :)

Grayson LOVED this little slide

 Big swing Zachey

Kenna winding up


Last weekend Josh was rounding out his week of was awful, probably the worst sickness I've ever seen him have. Luckily he went to the doctor so it didn't progress into pneumonia. On Saturday I loaded the kids up and went to Perry to visit Grandma Great and let the kids drive the tractor :) Zachey was SUPER excited and aside from it being really cold, they had a great time! They were definitely ready for a nap when they got home!

Last Day of Summer

We have had just an AMAZING fall. It has been so pretty, with all the trees changing. Josh and I got to do a 15 mile bike ride and really take it all in. Riding along the river with all the pretty trees, was just awesome!

Below are a few pictures - the view from our deck.

We also had one last visit from the ice cream truck to end the summer weather :)

Monday, October 01, 2012

Waukee YMCA

We have a new tradition. Josh met some guys that love to play racquetball at the Wakuee Y on Saturdays. So, we pack up the kids, take them to the free and amazing kid center, and Josh plays racquetball while I do cardio. The Wakuee Y is amazing! They also have this awesome kid's pool, so the kids play in there when we are done. Great way to spend saturday mornings! I bet even more so once it gets cold outside!!!

Mom's House

Pretty excited at the progress on mom's house! She is coming at the end of October and will probably be nearly finished on the outside then!!

Orange Belt

We are SOOO proud of our little Kenna. She is really excelling in karate. She sometimes practices at home, and is really working on her intensity! A few weeks ago she was tested and earned her orange belt. They always make it a big deal and have a meeting with all the advancing orange belt students. Even more importantly, she was so proud of herself!