Thursday, November 22, 2012

Oh Zachey

Getting ready to head to thanksgiving at Gona's and Baca's. Zachey woke up this morning and said he wasn't ready to go. He was still "jammied" as in not clothed....but jammied...LOL, that kid is funny :)

RIP Murray

Realize I never blogged about this...that's what happens when I put things on facebook...I forget to put them here. A few weeks ago Kenna and I were headed home from Karate. We were stopped at the stoplight near DMACC. I was just talking to Kenna about this or that, then WHAM. Kenna immediately started crying, screaming "what happened?!!?!" I tried to remain calm. Pulled over and surveyed the damage.

A kid who wasn't paying attention, probably late for school, didn't even stop and smashed right into us. I could tell it was probably totalled...140K miles, 2004....probably not getting out of this one. I tried to maintain my composure and not give him the piece of my mind that was cursing and yelling because he hit my favorite car with my very precious cargo (kenna) in it. But, since Kenna was there, took the opportunity to talk about safety, seatbelts, and why I can't play her favorite song on full blast while I'm driving - importance of paying attention :)

Well, it was totaled. After getting a mini-van rental for a week, haggling with a non too friendly insurance adjuster, and going to clean out all of the belongings from Murray...we said goodbye. She was a great car, and has sort of been part of our family for as long as we have had kids. We decided to try running with 2 cars, and so far hasn't been too hard. We make it work, and we can just save the money we did get to help pay for a car when we do need one. 

So glad no one was hurt, and that, hopefully, that kid learned a lesson!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fall Photos

Family friend did our photos this year..they turned out just awesome!! Can't wait to decide which to print!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Getting All Ready for our Fall Photos :)

Kid Going-Ons

A lot is happening with Kenna. She got her report card today and no surprise to us she is doing amazing. She actually scored the highest possible marks in art, music and PE (which is rare) so we are super excited that she is so well rounded! We have parent teacher night monday and cannot wait to see what Mrs. Dunne has to say! 

She started gymnastics a few weeks ago and loves it! We decided that we would work with a few of her friends and put together private lessons instead of the big group session. Its the same amount of money if they share, and it ends up being much more hands on and she is learning so much more! THe picture below is her with an ice pack because she accidentally got kicked in the face...oops!

We are really working on empathy and sassiness. Sure some of it is just the age, but trying to work on how her actions make others feel...a difficult concept for many kids. 

She is doing SO WELL in karate. She had tip testing a few weeks ago and was the ONLY little dragon to score a 10...that's out of about 60 kids, just amazing! She really is excelling in it!

 Zachary is 3 going on 13...he desperately wants to go to school and do all the big kid things that Kenna does. It is hard to explain to him that he has to be older, but we will probably put him in soccer, kindermusik and maybe swimming lessons next year. Hopefully he will get excited! And he starts preschool next fall, so plenty to do!

He is Mr. independent play these days, loves singing and making up imaginary tales, just so creative and fun. He likes doing things on his own, and can quickly move between happy and irate if he doesn't get his way. Below he wouldn't let me take a picture of Kenna without taking one of him, yes he is eating a banana minutes before bed...he is constantly starving.

Mr. Grayson - oh what to say here. He is in quite a funk these days. He wakes up happy, but gets so mad if something doesn't go his way. He is really into tantrums, screaming "NO!" and just overall mad. I am hoping this is a phase because the littlest things set him off like putting his coat on. We are trying to wait it out and hope that he learns better communication skills :) He understands a lot, just doesn't like to talk much time!


This year's Halloween pictures and overall success was a little under par. We tried to get pictures taken at Target, and Grayson would not have it. I tried to take pictures at home, and no one would hold still...I give up :)

Lets just say my little justice league was super cute! Just wiggly!

 Dynamic Duo super hugs

 My little batman

 and his wiggly sidekick Robin

 Super tough

 Never a serious moment...they get that from me

 Told them to make silly faces
 We had our typical block party - mario, luigi and toadstool showed up

so did ninjas and a killer whale!

Grayson didn't last long, as usual. Chelsey came with us, probably because she was locked out of her house LOL! But the kids did a few streets of trick or treating, and we have enough candy to last till easter! Next year will be super fun, because Grayson will get it and all three will be able to stay up a bit later. Great fun as always though!

New Friends

Its funny, when I went on Ragbrai this year, I never thought McKenna would become such great friends with the daughter of the person I went with! Olivia lives down the street from us and they have really become great friends. The hardest part is making sure that McKenna is being kind when it is her, Olivia and her older sister Sammy...three girls is a recipe for disaster. But they did have a fun afternoon of "dance off" the other day. Way CUTE!

Wow, no sassy in this house!...Not sure how girls come pre-programmed with the bootie thrust!

Orchard and Mom's Visit

I just realized it has been almost a month since I have been on here....sigh. I have been so busy with work and traveling that I have barely had time to talk to my kids, let alone write about what it is that they are up to!

Right after my last post my mom came to visit!  It was half to hang out with us, and half to get an endless list of tasks done on her house. They are moving right along and it should be finished by Christmas!

I was in St. Louis when she arrived, but got home late Friday night. On Saturday we all went to the orchard and did our typical corn pool, monster slide, caramel apples, jumping on the giant balloon, checking out the animals, etc. This year they had some additional fun attractions!

Spencer's first dip in the corn was cold!

Grayson was his typical grumpy self...he has been going through a bit of a tantrum phase, but seemed to enjoy checking out the goats

AHHH Scary Chelsey

So Spencer won, but presumably'll have to talk to Chelsey...

These were new this fun!!

Pretty sure we wore them out!

The rest of the visit was mostly around house stuff and naps! But was fun sharing one of our favorite family traditions with Chels, Spence and my mom! :)