Tuesday, September 27, 2011


 Gona and Baca got back from Mexico a few days ago. They were down there checking out all the work that has been done on their casita. They hauled down tons of items to stock their new home away from home as well as stained glass for the fabulous second floor suite.

--putting together the glass they brought down, awesome!--

--workers with casita in the background--

--I think Mexico suites them :) --

We are hoping to go own there for Christmas 2012 which is a huge deal on the Mayan calendar...hopefully not the end of the world!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Grayson Rolls Over

I have been feeling quite guilty lately. It seems that when I am not working, I am at Johnston High School doing my internship. And when I am not doing one of those things I am transporting kids to and from activities and trying just to keep my head on straight! So, tonight, I thought that we could have a fun night, make home made pizzas and just hang out. Kenna was saying something funny, and we were all laughing. I stood up to take our plates over to the kitchen and looked over at Grayson's play mat. He was making his cute baby noises, but wasn't on his back...he was on his stomach! I yelled at Josh, "did you lay him on his stomach?" He said no and I was torn between being excited and sad that I wasn't even paying attention at the time!

Waita go little guy...major milestone :)

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Josh downloaded the Tangled soundtrack on his iphone. The kids listen to it every morning. I don't think Kenna realized I was taping her as she was singing it this morning...she does get a little "testy" when Zachey sings "her part." :)

Monday, September 12, 2011


I thought Kenna looked so grown up today. She had on these little shorts, high pony tail and a little pink superman shirt. I asked her to pose before school and she just.wouldn't.do.it!

Oh well, I captured a few with the attitude anyway :)

Apple Orchard

On Sunday we went to Center Grove Orchard. Each year they build new fun things for the kids to do, and we thought it would be a fun way to spend the day with Andersens. When we got there we saw that a season's pass was only $17...so we decided, why not get that and go a couple times this season.

--the corn pool, always a hit!--

--zachey was a little leery, but had fun, once he got in--

--zachary HATED this slide. The girls when by themselves this year and had a blast!--

--two girls playing Alice in Wonderland--

We ate lunch and played on the giant bouncy balloon, we bought some honeycrisp apples and I got a caramel apple - YUM! Grayson did great in the snugli. He slept for a little bit, but we probably waited a little too long. About 15 minutes from home, he let his needs be known...there was definitely some loud crying...the kids were not fans :)

My Boys

Look at my two cute boys...Zachey on top, Grayson on the bottom

In Love with This Face


McKenna has been extra ambitious lately. With soccer, recess, general running and trying to keep up with friends....her poor knees have taken a beating. In fact, tonight at dance she actually was bleeding through her tights...doesn't seem to be bother her too much!

Apple Tree

We have a somewhat giant apple tree in our front yard...and from this very large tree...we got 5, count them 5 pretty mediocre apples. But, fun that we can grow apples in Iowa! I think I am just spoiled from my childhood in Washington :)

Bags, Bags and More Bags

As our kids get older, our life has become full of bags, bags and more bags! Below you will see what our life has come to...

As pictured: lunch bag, soccer bag, my laptop bag, kindermusik bag, dance bag, toys to take to dance bag, backpack, breastpump bag, my school bag, and the diaper bag....not featured is my gym bag, my lunch bag, Zachey's kindermusik bag and daddy's racquetball/gym bag. You can imagine why my front room is never clean!! We use each of these at least once a week. Thank goodness daddy finished the mud room in our garage! We need a place to hang all of these!!

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Zachey's Vacation

Zachey had quite the time while we were away. Gona captured some of his more funny moments:

- He loved to ride the tractor and direct whoever was driving "dis way, dat way"
- said "yip and nope" a lot. They played the opposite game saying yes or no whenever Zachey would say no or yes, he thought it was pretty funny
- Our 3 ducks surprised us with one egg on Sunday.  I called Baca, Z, Em and Kade over to look.  Then, in the house I showed Z and told him the duck had laid an egg.  He emphatically said, “THAT is yucky”!  “It is NAUGHTY!”   
- Picking up sticks with us.  “I IS HELPING”   When I laugh and say he is funny, he exclaims,  “I IS FUNNY
- At nap and bed, sings with the Dora musical book, talks  and talks, like he is reliving his day.  Heard him say “Auntie Em” once in the conversation with himself. 
- We got a text from Em while in Washington. Something to the effect of, Zachey found a glue stick in the crayons, she turned around and saw him smacking as if he applied lipstick. He confidently said "I did it!" Yucky chapstick Zachey!!
- He went downstairs at Emmi’s house, on his own-to look around-doesn’t ask or comment, just goes confidently.  She says,” this blows my mind –I think of him as an infant!”  He went down and started playing Kade’s drum set.  We heard this rat tat tat tat-bing (on the cymbals).  He had perfect timing and did it over and over.  

Thanks Gona for the funny stories!

Chelsey and Spencer

We have been looking forward to Chelsey's wedding, as we got to see first hand a lot of the planning over the summer :) On Thursday Gona and Baca came over to get a briefing on all things Zachey. We toiled with whether or not to take him with us when we were buying tickets. But with two full days of travel and lots of events in between...we thought it better to leave him home with Gona, Baca and Auntie Em. It ended up better for both him and us.

On Friday we dropped him off at Eski's and took Kenna and Grayson to the airport. I will say that Josh and I are a well oiled machine when it comes to airports at this point. I was el cheapo and insisted that we get everything in two carry ons. We flew through Minneapolis and through to Spokane. The kids did great! 

We landed in Spokane and got our rental car. We thought we would be clever and find a restaurant on the 2 hour drive to the Tri-Cities. Well, no one told us that the one and only restaurant was attached to a gas station in the middle of no where.

After a round of very mediocre chicken strips...we were on our way to my mom's house. I was surprised at how well both kids did with the crazy day and 2 hour time change. We got to see all of my family at my mom's; she threw a BBQ for all the travelers. 

On Saturday we got up and got the kids ready (including Ms. Kenna's hair that took almost 2 hours!) I will say I haven't done hair like that since my days of prom...many moons ago. Then we went to get pictures taken, came home and played, and went to the reception that afternoon.
--Kenna in her flower girl dress--

--seems wrong not to have the boys in the picture--

--Shawnte and Kenna are only a few months a part, they had a blast together!--

--flowers and Lyndsi and Mikayla--

--just married--

--kenna andrew and anna being silly--

--pretty hair--

On Sunday I got a chance to visit with Maren and take Josh and Kenna down to the playground of dreams near the river. She has quite a lot going on right now in her life, so was good to just chat for a while. Josh and Brandon got a chance to play frisbee golf and I made salmon and pizza for dinner. That evening we watched Chels and Spence open their presents and played games into the evening. 

The visit went by very quickly, and I am very glad that we all got to go! Monday's trip home was very good and relatively uneventful. I will say that my kids are great flyers and Josh and I make a great traveling team! Yay for ipads, surprise plane presents from Gona and Baca and friendly people who will give up their seat so we can sit together :) Stay tuned for the adventures of Mr. Zachey while we were gone and more photos of Chels and Spence.


Grayson has been smiling for a while and if you tickle him on his chest or thighs he gives a cute little baby giggle. Well last night we went to a birthday party at Backyard Adventures. It was sort of a last minute affair and I took all three kids. Kenna was trying to entertain Grayson on the way home and was blowing raspberries in the air. I heard his first real giggles (at least laughing AT someone) as we were driving. Guess he thinks his sister is hilarious :)