Saturday, February 25, 2012

Parent Teacher Conference

McKenna is doing SOOOO well in school. Mrs. Stevenson said she is extremely impressed with her reading, writing and math skills. She says that McKenna has a desire to learn and work hard and that she always has very thoughtful responses in class. She needs to work on letting others have a turn to share. Mrs. Stevenson says that when they are reading as a group McKenna gets impatient and blurts out the word before other kids have a chance to sound it out. Part of me is like, "Nice, figuring things out really fast" and the counselor, inclusive side of me is like "everyone needs their turn and an opportunity to learn!" So we are talking about blurting and voice level at home. But we really couldn't be more proud of McKenna.

It is amazing how fast she has learned this year. She can read books that have 2-3 sentences a page, write short "stories" do basic addition and subtraction...I really am so very impressed at her progress. She really loves art, drawing on the computer and playing math games. My wish for her would be to always have a love of learning and to do her best in everything she does! So proud of you little bug!

On a fun note, Kenna has been complaining about the tangles she gets in her hair. She has wavy hair in the back and HATES combing it. So, we got it all chopped off! Cut 5 inches...she looks so grown up!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Kind of a grainy pic...but the kids had fun with the small bonfire daddy built. S'mores for everyone!

Baby Shower

Charlene and I hosted a baby shower for a friend of ours. She runs the Best Buy in south Des Moines and is due in 3 weeks! I could not believe how good she looked! I always love to do the cooking part, and Char likes the logistics and party hosting we make a good team ;)

pink brownie truffles, spicy chicken tortilla roll ups and veggie platter

raspberry punch, fried macaroni and cheese balls, potato rounds, pecan cheesecake bars and raspberry mousse

also made this delish onion loaf...yay pinterest!

 Angie seemed to have a great time and got the CUTEST clothes!!!

DMU Interview

Chelsey came to visit this last weekend. She was here for her medical school interview! Luckily they will let us know in a few weeks if she is in (sure she is based on how she was feeling after the interview! :)

We had a good time going to "The Vow." Pretty much the sappiest chick flick I have been to in a while, but sure that Josh was relived he didn't have to go. I really liked it! We also got to look at some potential housing options for her and a few for mom in the event she wants to live here (at least part time!)

She also was a HUGE help in getting ready for a baby shower I was co-hosting..who knew food prep would be so labor intensive!

Was so fun to see her as always, my kids really miss her after having her all to their selves this summer!! Good luck Chelsey, hopefully we will soon be neighbors!!

Isn't she cute all dressed up? I would totally pick her to go to my school!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Horn's Ferry Hideaway

I was working in Dallas all last week. I got in Friday night and Josh came and picked me up from the airport. I had planned a little getaway for the two of us and didn't tell Josh what we were doing. I booked a little cabin off of Red Rock Lake near Pella. Its called Horn's Ferry Hideaway. Such a cute little place! It is built by the old Horn's Ferry route and bridge. The bridge collapsed in the late 80s but it is still there for pedestrians to walk across. I am sure it is awesome in the non winter months. There is a bald eagle reserve nearby, lots of hiking and bike trails, and the lake is just a few feet from the cabin. It was so nice and cozy with a fireplace that kept the cabin nice and toasty. There was a double jetted tub, small kitchen and it was all brand new. We didn't use the screened in porch or BBQ, but maybe next time ;)

That night we drove into pella and had a great meal at a Greek restaurant, and drove back there for breakfast and ate at the windmill cafe. On Saturday we drove to Jordan Creek and did some shopping and saw Safe House, pretty good movie.

Was GREAT to get away for even just a little while. We sat at breakfast and watched a family eating. They had three kids about the same age as ours. We were laughing as they kept making them sit down, correcting bad behaviors, telling them to eat...we just sat there and enjoyed our was surreal!

It was just one big room and a bathroom, cozy little fireplace

Obviously a picture from the summer, not one I took, but you get the idea

Kaldera restaurant in Pella - great food and atmosphere and wine!

Little dive we found for breakfast right off the square

We are so lucky that Em watched Kenna and that Gona and Baca helped last week while I was gone AND watched the boys this weekend. So nice to get away and do nothing together...we never get to do that. Happy early Valentine's Day babe :)


It finally snowed the other day! We have had an almost entire winter with very little snow. Finally we had some snow last weekend! It was the great wet kind that was perfect for snowmen and snowballs! Daddy and the kids played outside for a long time and had hot chocolate. This kind of snow is rare in Iowa...usually it snows and freezes into ice before you can play in it!

--Daddy's "Mr. Peanut" snowman--

Family Fun NIght

Family Fun Night was a few weekends ago. I can say it was bittersweet because I volunteered to run the raffle. Little did I know that that meant visiting every business in Ankeny, endless phone calls, emails, follow glad its over! I did get 65 prizes donated though...and that was a win! That night I took the kids and Josh stayed for an hour before he went to his work party. Luckily Auntie Em and Kade came because handling all three of them with the carnival would have been nuts!

--each grade had a silent auction basket, from scrapbooking to camping themes--

--Kenna and I manning the raffle table. I got prizes like games, massages and photography packages--

 --Kenna enjoying her dinner--

--Zachey ate dessert first--

--one of the games (cakewalk)--

There were tons of games and the kids had fun. I don't think I will help with it next much work! That evening we went to Josh's work party. It is amazing to see how far his company has come in just a year...hard to believe that there were only a handful of people when Josh started. There were like 400 people at the party. They flew in dueling pianos and piano players. Food was good, and fun to meet many of the people that he has been talking about.

Friday, February 03, 2012

Jaffey and Blanket

Meet Zachey's two most prized possessions - Jaffey and Blanket He sleeps with them, watches TV with them, brushes his teeth with them, you get the picture.

Last week he kept saying "Jaffey have boogie nose, mommy, you fix it?" I just thought he was pretending? He is ALWAYS pretending...he pretends he has a little "computer" that he looks at. He pretends that we need to be quiet so we don't wake up the dinosaurs. He pretends that he is a dog, frog, cat, (insert any animal here.) But he kept saying it so insistently that I finally looked at the giraffe.

In doing so, I saw what he was talking about. The string was coming undone on Jaffey's nose!

Well - we will have to fix Jaffey's "boogie nose" aka booger nose. Zachey, you are too cute!

Allie Comes to Play

Two weekends ago Kenna had a play date with her friend Allie. They have been in dance and soccer together and really just have never hung out outside of those activities. Josh usually takes Kenna to dance so he coordinated the play date. They played in the snow (we have only had like a week where we even had any snow!!) had a snack, played dolls and seemed to play really well together! Its funny how Kenna seems to gravitate to friends that hold their own, challenge her and don't cave to her very "in charge" attitude. I love that she chooses strong friends!

Grayson Pics

I feel like my little boy is growing up so fast! I need to take more pictures!!!

This one is what I call "Freddie Kruger" I must have missed a nail and he scratched the heck out of his face! They were gone in a few days.

He is loving his jumping jack. Will bounce in it for hours.

The poor guy has had so many ear seems that he just gets over one, starts sleeping well again, and gets another one. Hoping that with the antibiotic he is on now will kick it for good!

Look Who is Crawling!!

He beat the other two! I think Kenna crawled at 10 months and Zachey 9....Grayson is just 8 months and on the move!!

Rollin on the RIver

Impromptu dance party. Both Kenna and Zachey are in kindermusik and love to dance. Tina says that Kenna has "music in her blood" I love it :)