Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Roadtrip Days 1 and 2

June 24-25

We had been planning this roadtrip for months! Booking hotels, flights for daddy, planning stops along the way, activities for the car and snacks on the road! I rented a minivan thursday night and on friday we were off!

I left a note for daddy on his sink, because I was going to miss our anniversary :( But the plan was for him to fly out and meet us so he could get a few extra days of work in (and he really isn't the biggest fan of road trips!)

The goal of Day 1 was to leave at a decent hour and arrive in time to eat dinner with Gary and Susanne in Denver. I could not believe the amount of space the van I rented had! AND it had a DVD player which was a lifesaver on some of our longer traveling days - like day 1! Gramma Rue and I sat up front and Kenna claimed the back so the boys switched off seats in the middle. By the end of the trip Kenna had watched the whole first season of I would say she didn't mind the long drive!

We stopped for lunch in Grand Island. We would just watch for park signs as we were driving, and although this park was a few miles into Grand Island it was well worth it! HUGE old trees, clean bathrooms, and lots of toys for the kids to run and jump on! I had a cooler full of snacks and sandwiches to choose from but the kids were happy to just run!

We easily made it to Denver by dinner time. The kids were really wound up and Gary and Susanne aren't really used to kids running through their house! We went to a buffet place for dinner and the kids' eyes were huge....they could not believe they could have pizza and ice cream and mac and cheese for would think they were in heaven. The rest of the evening was spent ogling their amazing tesla vehicles and walking through Susanne's overwhelmingly beautiful garden!Millions of flowers and hundreds of hours made it possible...just breathtaking!

The next morning the goal was to make it to Grand Junction to see Gramma Mary. Since it was a short trip we didn't get up too early, and we stopped along the way to do some hiking and breath in the mountain air! It was actually a little chilly!! The kids enjoyed looking for mountain goats and throwing rocks in the water (sorry fishermen!)

We easily made it to Grand Junction for a late lunch. Had some fun hanging out with Gramma and experimenting with sleeping arrangements. Kenna slept on the floor in her office and Gramma Rue on the couch in the living room. I had planned to have Zach sleep on the air mattress I brought and I would have the trundle bed with Grayson on the other hideaway bed. Well, Zach had a hard time sleeping, so he ended up on my bed and I ended up on the floor. The mattress I brought deflated and made it into the garbage that night! Kenna was psyched that Gramma had cookies! And we tried to give lots of hugs since we don't see her very often. It was much hotter in Grand Junction than in Denver!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Summer Shenanigans

June 18

Jumping on the trampoline in the rain, napping with Spyro, kenna setting her alarm to wake up early and make us mini muffins, picking raspberries, going to the science center to watch the national parks imax in preparation for our trip, seeing the movie Finding Dory, cheeto face and another safety town graduate!!

Busy Summer!

Started off summer with a bang! Lots of fun camps and kid activities, a trip to tropical snow and watching Brayden during the summer while his mom was working for a few days.

Kenna also played her first 3v3 tournament. No one warned me out these! Otto, her coach, thought it would be good to push the girls and sign them up for a tournament. Well, it was over 100 degrees heat index, and they only had 2 subs....the games were short, and they played their little hearts out but they were way outmatched! She played 4 games that day and was absolutely pooped! I have never seen her so physically drained! At the same time, we had to rally and push through! After a slushie at tropical smoothie she was ready to push through to the end. There were some tears and exhaustion...but was proud of how she stuck with it! I was hot and I was just sitting watching!!!

Grayson Friend Party

June 12

I have often said that this year's class at CCMS was the most social I have ever seen! Grayson got invited to more birthday parties and playdates than I have ever witnessed before. So, we decided to reciprocate and invited all of his good friends to his 5th bday splash pad/carousel party! Many had never been to Union Park before so it was fun sharing this with all the friend's and parents! Happy birthday little dude!