Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Holy Blog Hiades

I am so crazy busy lately I have not had two minutes to sit and update everyone. We are in the midst of so many thing that it is hard to find time.

We have had the craziest weather, threats to cancel school, then no snow, then today it is snowing like crazy as I stare out of the window from my office. We had a fire alarm go off at the high school the other day in subzero temperatures...ended up being a false alarm, but the poor kids in t-shirts...why don't high schoolers wear coats?

Some other crazy school happenings. I was not awarded an opportunity to interview for Ankeny Schools. The principal and my peers say I am doing an amazing job, but there is a stipulation on the application that I must have 5 years of school counseling experience to apply. I guess my 13+ years of related counseling experience doesn't count...sigh. Oh well there are lots of other potential opportunities.

Two girls were sent home yesterday because they superglued their hands together....for real...two 16 year olds made this decision. Their parents really didn't know what to say. I am sure it will come back that it is somehow the school's fault as so many parents go that direction. It is alarming. Anxious to see what this generation of tech addicted, everyone's a winner, entitled, multiple warnings kids ends up doing when they grow up.

Grayson is just so stinking cute. He is really starting to talk (finally!) It seems he has understood what we have been saying forever, but has just realized he too can communicate! Some of my favorites are "Hi Mommy, daddy, nenna, ackey, wiley" (all our family members.) "Allll dum" (all done, when he is finished with something, dinner, task etc.) "Shews, boots" (he loves footwear, and getting your footwear for you.) And then there is my least favorite the "NO" for everything, even when he means yes...we are working on that one!

He just LOVES his bear and blankey (the one chelsey made him.) And usually if we play "one for the money" he goes right to bed without any problem and sleeps 12 hours, man can that kid sleep! He really wants to "walk" all the time...saying "no, walk" when I try to carry him. He seems to be avoiding most green food, which stinks as he was such a great eater! But he still eats most foods without complaint, quick to ask for "more" and for "juice/milk." I love that he is finding a way to tell us what he wants...so nice to understand him!

We are closing on another rental property this week. Luckily Josh's good friend is looking for a place and will be the perfect renter, so seemed silly to pass up that opportunity! It is definitely the nicest one we have purchased and will probably never have a hard time renting it!

So with that, karate, music class for all three kids, gymnastics, school activities, birthday parties, and NOT having a flexible schedule during these last 8 weeks, been hard to squeeze anything in. On top of that we decided to redo our entire bedroom all the way down to the trim and lighting....pictures to come when we finish! Just doing it in stages, so we have piles of all our things in all the kids rooms as we work on painting, installing lighting and trim, new hardware, etc....what were we thinking :)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mommy dog pile

Today the kids all played I'm the basement together...UN supervised...for two hours!!! It was awesome. I got to make stuffed chicken and denny and josh worked on our bedroom remodel. Then we watched movies. So fun!

Friday, February 08, 2013

Celebrating the "Lasts"

I read an article today that really got me thinking. As a mom of three young kids I have celebrated every first. First steps, first words, first time using a spoon. Where I need to get better is in thinking about the lasts.

It isn’t often that I think about the last time that Zachary crawled, or the last time I had to feed Grayson. I don’t reflect upon the last time I had to walk Kenna into school, or the last time that any of them woke up for a feeding.

Last night Zachey asked if we could snuggle. I sat in bed with him as he nuzzled his cute little head under my chin and I mentally was making a list of all the things I had to get done that night. He smiled the cutest little smile ever and he said “I love you so much mom.” 

It made me do a gut check…instead of rushing through bedtime and stories, I need to relish this time. I am always in such a hurry to get to the time post bedtime that I never stop to think that this may be the last time Zachey asks to snuggle with me, or the last time Kenna wants to read me the poem she wrote, or show me the art project she is so proud of.

Working with the high schoolers, I can tell which ones are starved for attention, and which ones have been told and know they are good enough. I know which ones have had strong parental influence with high standards and which ones have been left to fend for themselves.

My little three year old taught me something. I am going to try and cherish these moments. The laundry, dinner clean up, meal planning, bill paying, house cleaning can all wait. These small moments of just me and my kids where they WANT to spend time with me, give me kisses and snuggle are limited. I know there will be a time when they would rather hang out with their friends, or listen to music in their bedroom. 

I am putting my commitment in writing that I am going to do my best to try and treasure these moments. Big thanks to all my kids who have shown me over the last week that they want nothing more than some time with their mom. I don’t want to wake up and realize that I have missed out on any of the “lasts.” I love you all so much!