Tuesday, February 10, 2015

How Cute is my Niece?

Chelsey asked me to do a little photo shoot for Lily for Valentines Day....they turned out pretty darn cute!

Baca Birthday

It was Baca's birthday and Gona was in Mexico, so we took charge and threw Baca a little birthday dinner. Just pork chops and mashed potatoes, but did make this monstrous 4 layer german chocolate cake.....man it was yummy! Happy birthday Baca!


Watched the first half of the superbowl at Bellis' house (neighbor whose backyard bumps up against ours.) Good thing we planned on going to their place as this was the day of the crazy 13 inches of snow! I made jello shots, which I hadn't made since college...was a great time! The kids played upstairs and grownups hung out in the very Seahawks themed basement!

Sans Naps

While not having to plan around naps is awesome! I do dislike the cranky 2pm toddlerness of Mr. Grayson. Some days he just passes out....we were laying together doing something and when I asked him something he didn't answer....poor little dude!

Monday, February 09, 2015

Holy Snowstorm!

We had one of the quickest heaviest snowfalls I have ever been a part of two weekends ago. There was zero snow on the ground, then overnight, it snowed 13 and a half inches! The kids played for quite a while, but REALLY enjoyed playing after school each day last week. I have been watching a few of Kenna's friends afterschool as their mom works out some childcare/job transitions, and they really have just had the best snow days!

McKenna Achieves Green Belt

Couldn't be more proud of this little lady! She works so hard to ensure that she meets the requirements of her belt exam each cycle. I am often baffled by how she found karate. Not something that I would have ever signed her up for, but something she really wanted to do, and continues to love! She really is quite good, and has THE best high kicks! So proud of you McKenna!

Daddy Daughter Dance

After a week in California for his new job, daddy came home this weekend in time for the Valentine's Daddy Daughter Dance. The parks and req program here holds 5 of them during the month of February and it turned out perfectly as Josh's friends and their daughters chose to go to this one as well!

Chelsey helped me get McKenna's hair curled and up in a messy bun. I arranged for a corsage and picked up some black tights for McKenna. It sounds as if they had just a wonderful time. Kenna learned how to do the twist, they did a conga line, and ate sugary snacks. I think we will make it a tradition!