Sunday, October 19, 2014


We hosted a dinner party with Ensley's the other night and Auntie Em watched the boys. Sounds like they had a great time! Kenna elected to have her buddy Keelin spend the night, so they were banished to the basement (okay..they came up for snacks.) Then it was pancakes for breakfast!

My friend Marissa needed someone to watch her son for a week while her day care provider was on vacation. He is in kindergarten and he and Zachey are become quit the duo. I think he is happy to have a buddy since our whole street is full of girls!!

Day care orchard trip

It was a rainy monday -  but the kids didn't have school, so Eski arranged for all the daycare kids and their families to come to the orchard and go on a tour! We got there a little early and had fun posing in the pumpkin patch.

Then all the other families arrived and we went to the top of the barn. They had hay bails set up like a classroom and they talked about all the things on the farm. Grayson found his buddy Rya. They were born only a day apart and were inseparable at Eski's. Rya quickly grabbed his hand and they never let go the entire time they were at the orchard. It was the most adorable thing ever!

Then we walked around the animals and into the old time school house where the tour guide talked about the difference between school now and then. The little ones got a little rambunctious.

Finale of the day was the corn pool...McKenna is known for her crazy faces....

We brought our lunch so took our time and ate it in the new expanded main entrance area. Then each kiddo picked a snack to buy - the boys apple cider doughnuts and Kenna and apple cider slushy. Feel so fortunate that I didn't have to run back to work like I had in years past! We got to take our time and enjoy the day!


The kids and I had a fun time putting together our BOO plates this year! Cupcakes, candy corn, pretzel treats and reeses pieces this year!

Nolan/Reagan Party

The tradition continued this year with a combined Nolan/Reagan birthday! The kids played with nerf guns for hours in the front yard, and then took their shot at the sponge bob pinata. Nice this year being able to leave them fairly unattended to just play with the kids and toys! Also nice to be able to ride our bikes there and play outside at the end of October! It seems every year that their birthday falls on the nicest fall weekend!

Beautiful fall shoot at Ledges

I put a little pressure on myself - but wanted to try and save money this year by shooting the kids pictures myself! I have a wall that has 16x20 frames (three of them.) I love to swap pictures out every year with the kid's pictures. I chose the following three to print:

They were quite the little models - really did a great job of following directions! And I couldn't be more pleased with the results!! Really loving my new hobby :)

Thursday, October 02, 2014

More Camera Fun

McKenna Jumps

I've been dabbling in photography a bit, trying to really get the best images out of my camera...loved these at Em's house the other day! We were there celebrating Niki's bday.

Landscaping - Never ending!

We FINALLY had the final grading and hydroseeding done in the backyard. And, with our luck we have had just nothing but crazy amounts of rain since....I am hoping that the seed had enough time to stick before it all got washed away! I guess we will see in a few weeks. On the bright side I don't have to rotate a sprinkler every 15 minutes over 10,000 sq feet of grass!!!

SO APPRECIATIVE of my family! I spent last week going through every square inch of our house as we had an accumulation problem! Kathy was kind enough to take my little "helper" away for a fun Grayson overnight. He did not understand why some of his toys and clothes were out on display for my garage sale setup! He loves going to Gona's house and riding the tractor, feeding the horses, playing a little adventure with some of his favorite people!

My mom and sister brought over a few things and helped me to borrow tables from their church. It was a ton of work, but we made about $ complaints here!