Wednesday, July 29, 2015

4th of July again

In true overdoing things fashion - we decided to have the Andersens over on the 5th (after shenanigans all day on the 4th.) We had a great time with water guns, giant water slide and bouncy house, and my new pinterest find - GIGANTIC bubbles...what a hit! They were so fun!!

We also dragged out the 100 foot waterslide and the dads took turns shooting the kids down it. Great time with great friends!

4th of July continued

We continued our 4th of July festivites on the actual 4th of July. Our amazing neighborhood (organized by Doug) gets together and has breakfast on the green - really just potluck breakfast on the circle in our culdesac. Doug provides pancakes and we all bring a side dish. This year I brought an egg casserole and it was a hit! There were pastries and quiche, fruit, yogurt, all sorts of yumminess!

After a wonderful breakfast, I felt I had consumed more than enough calories to ride the tressle trail. We were having an impromptu gathering that night with the fam - so just did a quick 30 miler, and apparently the greater des moines area all decided to go as well because MAN was it packed!

Later that night we brought out the giant water slide and Josh took turns throwing the kids down it - so fun!

Shoemakers came, my mom and Aunti Em and Kade all made it. Gona and Baca stopped by as well, just had pizza and watermelon - low key but fun!

4th of July

Had a few different celebrations for the 4th of July. Chels and I made wreaths for our doors - was SOOO happy with the way mine turned out! I only ended up using half of the materials I bought - so it ended up being really reasonable!

We also went to a free celebration at Valley Junction. Josh was gone for work for a week (hence all the busy activities) and was coming home the night of the festival. We walked around, ate hot dogs, listened to some local bands, and were ready to watch a small parade when daddy called telling us he'd landed. So off we went to pick him up! We were so happy to see him after missing him for a week, and boy were the kids tired!

Kenna and I also had a chance for some mommy/Kenna time after daddy got home, so we got pedicures and Kenna was definitely showing her patriotism!


All in all successful harvest so far this year! My garden acts if it is on steroids between giant zuchinni and tomatoes everywhere! We got some beans and peas - yum! and the squash and pumpkins all look great! Cucumbers are doing well too!


Another summer bucket list item - head to the zoo! We invited Peyton with us and did all the normal fun things.

Grayson was enamored with the wallaby :)

Train selfie!

My little model - kept saying "take a picture of me on this frog, take a picture of me on this rock, take a picture of me with the turtle" too funny!

Some of these koi were hugantic - and yes that's a word, I was actually creeped out by them as they came to the surface and tried to grab the food!

A summer splurge - this awesome waterslide thing. It has already provided hours of entertainment!