Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mexico Part 4

As with most vacations this one went by way too fast. After our day at xplor, we headed to Playa del Carmen. This is a HUGE touristy city with a pedestrian shopping street right near our hotel. Josh did a great job of booking just the most extravagant hotels for our trip home!

Infinity pool on the roof and private pools for the 3rd floor rooms.

Below is the view from our room with just a short walk to the beach.

We enjoyed a night of shopping for souvenirs with Kathy and Denny before saying goodbye as Denny flew out that next morning. We got to eat Mexican food, listen to a mariachi band, get our cheesy picture taken with sombreros and just enjoy our last evening in paradise!

The following day Kathy dropped us off at our last hotel. It was an all inclusive 5 star place. You had to drive on miles of pothole roads to get there, but it opened up to marble, granite and all you can eat and drink amenities! Get a massage by the ocean, schedule a private jet ski rental, soak in your private hot tub on your balcony...holy cow we were in over our heads!

Definitely the nicest hotel we had ever stayed at! What a wonderful adventure with my hubby and kathy and denny! I had such a wonderful time and CAN'T WAIT to take the kids!

Mexico Part 3

Our last day in Mahahaul we spent on the beach. We found a coconut that was growing into a palm and planted it in honor of McKenna. She wanted to go so badly and so we named it Brielle :) Hopefully it lasts and is a little palm next time we visit!

On one of our walks we spotted these germans. They had this awesome truck that had a fold up tent and pretty much anything you needed to sleep on the beach. Looked like they just drove to a beach and parked...:)

We headed north toward Cancun early in the morning with a plan to head to Xplore. It is an adult theme park that is set in a series of elaborate caves! There were 14 ziplines that went all over the park, through waterfalls and into giant pools. We got to drive jeeps through miles of jungle and into caverns, explore underground in boats and we did opt out of the swimming because it was so cold. The pictures do not do the caves justice, they were simply incredible!

Everywhere in the park you went led you back to the "heart" eventually...you could hear it beating throughout the park.

 What a fun and memorable day! I just love Kathy's expressions, LOL!