Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bath Time

Tonight's bathtime dialog:

Zachey: "Mom, where is my raincloud?"
Me: "I don't know honey?" <- This usually works....
Zachey: "But I need it to make it rain?"
Me: "What does it look like?"
Zachey: "It is a cloud that makes rain" (Thanks....?)
I proceeded to show him every toy in the tub, "Is this it? How about this?"
He would giggle and say, "NO sidley (silly), dats Peter Pan" or "no, dats my letters."
Finally I found the small sponge that we used to use to wash Grayson when he was a baby. It was hidden under a boat.
Zachey: "Der it is! My rain cloud!"
He then filled it with water and made it "rain" on peter cute :)

Sweet Zachey is 3

Zachey three year stats:

32 lbs - 50th percentile
37.5 inches - 75th percentile

I know I write the same thing everytime, but I cannot believe it has been three years since I brought you home from the hospital! I just love how your giggle can brighten any moment. You love to be carried "up-si-down" (every day after bath) and are really are quite independent. I am so proud of the way you want to take care of your brother, you are (usually) very gentle with him, and defend him if someone is too close.

This year has been so fun. I feel comfortable letting you play outside with your sister or sit in the bathtub and play with your letters (sometimes for 45 minutes!) So smart, you know all of them now, and are constantly asking "what does _____ start with?" I can tell that you will really love school and learning (if you ever decide that you want to give up pull ups!)

I was so scared having to take you to the emergency room. I hope I never have to experience that again. You have the most angelic voice, and when you you smile those beautiful blue eyes just melt my heart. Some of my favorite moments are when I catch you singing and dancing as if no one is watching...I hope that never changes!

Mommy loves you so much my sweet boy! Happy birthday!

A few of Zachey's favorites

Zachey's Birthday

 We kept his party pretty simple this year. I figure that when they are 4, then maybe it is time to have friends, games, the whole shi-bang. Well - with the weather being so amazing, we just had a picnic in our backyard. The whole fam came, including Gramma Rue! And Andersen's came as well....Can't believe how big everyone is getting! The kids played in the playhouse, blew bubbles and ate cupcakes. Great day!

Made these Toy Story cupcakes

Supposed to look like this?

Lucy REALLLLLY wanted to blow out the cupcakes!

 One of many serious Grayson looks

 Happy boy, green face

I kept fogetting all day that it was my birthday too! I got exactly what I wanted....a slushy is awesome, can't wait to try it out! Josh also got me a squishy mat for the kitchen feet always hurt after standing and cooking for hours in is awesome!!

Zachey got spoiled (as usual.) Everything from toy story shoes, money, potty book, dinosaurs, spiderman car, art supplies, silly putty, monster bowling and fun!

Zachey next to his tree

First Bike Ride of the Season

I can't believe I am posting this in March! We took the boys on a ride. Grayson loved it, Zachey required a snack. McKenna is much more fearless this year. We went on an almost 5 mile ride together the other day and she was pretty positive! Grayson looks so big in this seat...hardly a baby anymore! It has been in the 60s - 80s here almost all month!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Kenna had Peyton over to spend the night a few weekends ago...finally got Zachey's bootie shake on camera, and caught the girls having a dance off in the living room.

Such great friends!

Funny Sister

Grayson loves his sister. She is always being silly with him (sometimes WAY too loudly!)

Both she and Zachey say "whatta you lookin at?" and it always makes him cute!

My Poor Sweet Zachey

Today was a really hard day for me. Last night I picked Zachey up at Eski's and she asked if I had noticed anything weird with his eyes? I said that I hadn't, and she had me look at them. His right pupil was way quite a bit smaller than his left. I sort of internally freaked out, and looked at the time. My pediatrician is open until 8 every night by friday....they close at 5. It was 5:30....ugh. I talked to Tara to see what her advice was, and she told me that without a head injury or other behavioral changes, not to worry, and call the pediatrician in the morning. (They are open weekends for sick kids.)

I felt a little guilty, but Josh and I went out to dinner as we had been planning and left the kids with Baca and Gona overnight, knowing that they would call if anything was wrong. When I picked Zachey up this morning he was definitely warm. He has been up a couple times at night and was acting off. I got him into the doctor at 9, and ended up taking all the kids because Josh was at work. 

They were very good, but what a long wait..after about an hour we discovered that there was really nothing wrong that they could tell at the doctor office. He did have 103 degree temp, was very lethargic, but they thought it was because of a cold. I LOVE Dr. Gavin....she is amazing and called the ER. After speaking to them she recommended we go in for a CT scan and xray just in case. She was worried that it might be something bigger.

So, I again start to freak out. I called Josh, he hurried home and Gona came to watch the other two so we could take Zachey to the ER at Blank hospital. We get him checked in and they take us to a small room and two different doctors check him out, watch his pupils, check his vitals, check his tummy, circulation, all the normal stuff. 

After that they took xrays of his chest. Daddy helped him and he started crying. I am sure it was really scary. Then to make matters worse, they made him ride on the gurney all the way downstairs to the CT machine, which scared him more. He was still really feverish and upset. We got down to the machine and he was just sobbing. He was scared and didn't want to lay still and "go in the tunnel." I got in and showed him it was okay, but it didn't help. He was nearly hysterical. Then they brought out a plastic wrap that constrained his arms and legs. Think a giant plastic burrito with velcro. He was so scared, kept yelling "mommy, get me, mommy." We were both in tears and I just held his hand. When they started the machine we started singing songs and he calmed down...that two minutes was so long...poor guy!

After all of that I jumped on the gurney with him and just held him when we went back upstairs. He was much better with that idea. We brought his "jaffey" and that helped too. We waited for the results and were SO relieved to find out that there was nothing wrong. They said that some kids have this and it can be aggravated by sickness or stress. So, with that we are making an appointment with a pediatric eye dr. and just keeping an eye on him. No one seemed worried, and that makes me feel better! In talking to Tara it is really something they see a lot.

I took a picture of my sweet feverish boy. He still has his hospital bracelets, and 3 different stickers from the 3 different times he did different things today. This was really one of the worst days for me...what an emotional rollercoaster for a parent to deal with. So happy he is okay!!! Love you my sweet boy!

First week of Teaching

This week Marisa had her baby. I did my internship with her in elementary guidance last year. I am going to cover for her for 7 weeks while she is off with her new baby boy, Drew.

I was SOOOO intimidated! 50 little eyes staring at me, for 30 minutes, waiting to be taught. But I think I did a really good job! I got there super early and reviewed the lesson plans for the day, reviewed all the caseloads of the kids that I would need to see, and just got settled. Luckily I watched Marisa teach all of these lessons last year, so I feel fairly confident in the material. And, I teach the same curriculum each day, so after the first run, I have the timing down pretty well.

I am super excited for the opportunity. I am a little nervous about balancing work and this new undertaking, but am excited about the experience, the chance to make a difference (especially with the kids that are having a really hard time), and to just see if this is what I want to do when I grow up :0)

Silly Boys

Grayson is into everything. He will quietly crawl from one room to another almost like a ninja...but we are so lucky, because he really doesn't get into any trouble, just curious. He likes to play with the big kids stuff and LOVES his jumper :) He also spends a good deal of time looking out the window, especially when someone leaves....I wonder what is going on in his head!

 Tried to get him to say "la la la" been chatting it up lately

Most 2 year old boys are caught stealing cookies, candy, cake...something they aren't supposed to little two year old boy sneaks lettuce...what the heck is this? He usually sneaks it out of the container I keep it in, runs off and eats some of it..gets about halfway through and realizes its not that good. Still funny :)

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Up to our eyeballs in babyfood!

The last few weekends have been spent making mass quantities of baby food. I am really happy to say that Grayson has probably had under 10 servings of store bought baby food his whole life. I feel good knowing that he is getting the good stuff without preservatives, and that we can try lots of different things that you can't find in the store! So far he has had butternut squash, sweet potato, carrot, peas, green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, avacado, peaches, pears, apples, bananas, beets, mango and kiwi. Some has gone over better than others, but kinda fun experiment! The only thing he really hasn't cared for so far is kiwi...but worth a shot!

Look Who is STANDING

Its been going on for a couple weeks now, but starting to get pretty frequent these days. Grayson is pulling up on everything. He has a sort of banshee call when he pulls himself up (think incredible hulk yell) almost like "I am UP now!" He has sort of started scooting along furniture as well...I think he is going to be ahead of his siblings in walking. Usually just content playing with a pile of toys, he is so easy going we lose him half the time!

Went on an adventure to monkey joes today. I made lunch because I really don't want them eating pizza and like $10 pizza at that! Good for them to run off some energy! Almost everyone was asleep by the time we got home :)

Kenna helped me make oreo brownies for daddy's poker game tonight. Other than that, lazy saturday, recuperating after my work trip!

SOOO Proud

I missed McKenna's TIP testing for Karate last week. I was on a three day trip to Texas for a meeting, but she did SO amazing. Once every 6 weeks they get tested to see if they have mastered the skills necessary to receive a stripe on their current belt. She is obviously a white belt, but they can earn 3 stripes before they move on to the next belt category. To do this, they have to do a kata in front of all their peers (a routine that encompasses between 5-10 different moves.) The one she had to do started with a courtesy bow, then a 3 punch rotation facing all 4 walls. That transitioned into a hook kick, then roundhouse kick, upward block and punch. She knew the whole thing...and did so well! She had to line up with 30 kids and they each did it separately. At the end they rated all the kids. First they called all the kids that scored over 9 (on a 10 point scale.) There were 4 kids, and she was one of them! They spoke about how hard work and practice can make everyone have a high rating. She did so well. I spoke to her that night and she was beaming with pride....just loved it!! I hope that this mentality translates to other things in life as well!