Saturday, May 30, 2015


This is the first year that I feel like I have had the time (Grayson has been more of a helper than ever!) and the resources (finally gardens are filling in and soil is just right) to really have an awesome garden! Put up a rabbit fence to plant more delicate things like peas and beans, planted peppers, squash and cucumbers on the lower level and continued the lettuce bag tradition on the front driveway. Spring flowers were absolutely gorgeous this year!!


Love spring, love sound of birds and frogs, love our backyard, love having kids in bed by 8 and sitting in my hammock on our


I am so excited! My buddy Corinne is coming from Seattle to do Ragbrai with me!! That means I need to step up my game and get on my bike. Excited about my new funny jersey, not excited about crazy sunburn...ouch!

Goodbye Willow

So, despite the fact that we have two chainsaws...Kasey and Josh were determined to chop down our 40 foot willow with an axe....boys are silly. This is the second tree we had to chop down because of borers. Going to be ever vigilant in spraying the other trees to avoid this again. Sad for Kenna as these were her trees we planted when she was a baby. But, we picked out a flowering crab, peach and two pear trees. These are for Kenna's two fallen trees and Grayson's trees! Hopefully we have fruit in a few years!

Such a Smarty

I couldn't be more proud of this little guy. He knows all his letters, how to write his name and can count to 100 all by himself! The next thing we are working on is lower case letters and maybe even by summers end reading a bit! He knows all the sounds...such a smart sweet boy!


I was excited for a the project of saving this little car. This car was something that Kathy played on when she was a girl. Unfortunately it was so badly rusted it was unrepairable. but I saw an idea for a planter! So a few layers of primer and paint and I think it looks oh so cute in the front yard!

Love Spring!

Just love spring here...these are from early April - made this wreath with Grayson from an idea we saw online! So happy with it!


So, I tried not to be a creeper, photographing someone else's kid...but seriously....he's wearing a batman costume? I didn't think anything of that, but what made this situation post-worthy was the way the kids reacted to him. We were at Kenna's soccer practice, so the playground is always covered with kids (is covered the correct verb here?) Anyway, the kids just walk up to him and are like "oh hey batman." Not, what is your name? Why are you wearing a batman costume? Just "hey batman" or "batman, you want to play tag with us?" I was trying not to laugh as it was just so nonchalant.

What made this situation even funnier, was that we ran into "batman" at Dean park the next day when we played with Isaac and Jessica at the park! I saw his Grandma there and said, "are you batman's grandma?" I told her we saw him in the park the previous day and she laughed saying that it was nearly impossible to get him out of it, even to wash it! Gotta love a kid who strives to be batman :) 

Helping Dad

One of the many things I love about Josh is how handy he is. He was building a rack for our lawn chairs and was teaching Zachary all about it. He seemed to really enjoy the time with dad and getting to use the drill!

Lunch Date/Ipad Debacle

A few weeks ago the ipad had what I call a case of "phantom hands." It was as if we were playing a game and then someone clicked on something else. It would just open or move without us doing anything. After hours on the phone with the help desk, they determined it was a hardware problem, and made an appointment for us at the apple store. 

That involved us heading to Jordan Creek. So we made the best of it with some play time at the playground and some lunch after. Luckily they replaced the ipad as it was under warrantee! And I had the cutest lunch date ever!