Monday, May 20, 2013

Every morning

Watch "Every morning" on YouTube

This is the conversation we have every morning on the way to daycare. Grayson is obsessed with the construction and school buses :)

Monday, May 06, 2013

Kenna got her ears pierced!

McKenna announced last weekend that she wanted her ears pierced for her birthday. I talked to her all weekend about it, how it would hurt, how she had to take care of them, and that it was like two big shots in her ears. She said that she wanted to do it, and that she would be brave.

I packed all the kids up Sunday and we headed to the mall. We got there right as it opened so the people at Claires wouldn't be distracted. The lady who did it was so nice, she explained to McKenna what she was going to do, and she made sure I was happy with the placement. Kenna picked out her earrings, and she grabbed ahold of the little bear.

The first ear was a delayed reaction where she tried not to cry. She sobbed a little as they did the second one. I told her that we could pick out a pair of earrings to take home as her reward for being brave. That cheered her up.

I got a little weepy as I am seeing my little girl experience all of these rights of passage into young lady-hood. Every day she is less my little girl, and more a young woman - it scares me! I cherish the times she still calls me mommy and wants to snuggle as I feel there are so few of those moments left...cherishing every one!

So proud of her making this decision and being so responsible since. She makes sure we clean them 3 times a day and that she is very careful. What a sweet girl!

Everyone is sick

Last night Kenna threw up like 5 times...every hour. Poor thing, more puke than I have ever seen. So after an hour of detoxifying her room, she went to sleep.

Today she is doing pretty well, but Zachey threw up at Eski's. When I went to get him he was sobby and tired, obviously upset. When I got him out to the car he said, "mom, I think I ate a frog, that made me puke." Kids are hilarious! I feel bad they are all sick, but at least he makes light of it :)

Josh is also locked in the basement sleeping it off. I think its a 24 hour bug, lets hope!

Sunday, May 05, 2013

April visit

We had a wonderful time when auntie april came to visit! It was a little nuts between sickness, weather, and my crazy work schedule.

April came in on Wednesday. Originally I had planned on taking Thursday and Friday off, but Char had her baby a little ahead of schedule! So, I officially became full time that week....oops! But we did have the opportunity to catch up, let the kids play together, and do a whole lot of nothing the first two days. We did have a successful pairing of Kanon and Zachey in the same room....they slept between talking to each other :) And we made it to the park and the science center!

Saturday was awesome! We get a pedicure, went shopping, saw the broadway show Rock of Ages, ate at Zombie Burger and met the cast, and went garage selling (kenna scored on cute clothes!) It has been SO LONG since either of us just had a day to do fun girl things!

Josh was so wonderful in that he watched ALL FOUR KIDS on his own! That was such a nice gesture! We really appreciated the girl time! I am planning a trip down there this fall if possible to meet their new little boy (we just found out!) due October 1st!

We definitely had some sort of flu bug floating around the house. Kanon puked a few times, and April got it Sunday, so not much of a fun vacation with her being stuck in the basement sick...but I got some quality time with Kanon and Josh took the kids to his parents to avoid contamination! During that time Kenna took her first solo fourwheeler ride!!

After they left on monday afternoon, they started feeling better. Unfortunatley I had a weeklong meeting in Orlando and I got worse and worse on Monday...spent the whole first night there trying not to puke.

But, after one day it ended up being the best meeting I had been to for best buy. I am very much re-energized and ready to roll! Pretty tired after a long week though!