Sunday, November 24, 2013


This fall was utterly gorgeous. We were really spoiled with great weather and beautiful trees.

We carved these while daddy was working late. It was on halloween....but it was the first time we were able to do it all season!

I had SOOOOOOOOOO much basil this year....made many batches of pesto! Not complaining it was great!

View from my office...Not bad!

"Incredible" Halloween

We had a wonderful Halloween this year. The kids talked for months about being the incredibles. They are a super hero family with an older daughter, middle son and a baby boy. Really our kids were pretty close to the right age and they LOOOOOVE this movie!

We started prior to halloween when daddy was out of town. Hit a local pumpkin patch with $3 pumpkins - way cheaper than the store or apple orchard! It was a sort of pick your own on your honor thing - was PERFECT!

Then we went out for pizza and to the YMCA free family fun night. The kids liked it, but it was soooo crowded! Next year we won't try to cram so much into one day. Grayson was INCONSOLABLE on the way home - never heard him cry and scream like that. We just had to laugh, nothing else you could do! Gramma Rue and Chelsey were probably devestated, but I just smiled and turned the music up!

Zachary Reads to Grayson

Josh was out of town, and Zachey volunteered to read Grayson books for me...sooo cute!

Science Center

We Love the science center. I took the boys a few weeks ago and they had fun making rockets, playing with the fruit sorter (zachey's favorite) and playing with the new wind exhibit. Gramma Rue got to come and check it out for the first time too!

Birthday Parties

We have had a summer full of birthdays! Here are some of the highlights!

Macie's 5th Birthday at the playground for kids

Simon's second construction themed birthday

So fun to spend Gramma Rue's birthday at our house!

Poor Auntie Em- only shot we got of her was blurry!

Pretty sure I posted this already, but happy birthday to chelsey!

Happy Birthday song to gramma rue!

Fire station

A few weeks ago the fire station had an open house. We went to the park first and played and ate dinner. Then we got to practice stop drop and roll, get treats, feel our way through a house with a blindfold on (smoke) and watch a puppet show. The hit was of course "driving" the fire engines :)