Saturday, February 26, 2011


Just another day at our house :) Caught the tail end of Kenna singing to her brother.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Alright - one more complain about scheduling blog, then I'm done. This week has been nothing but early morning meetings (as in 7am) night classes (usually home by 9pm) and trips out and back to Omaha (usually a 10 hour ordeal) and it is only Wednesday. I think Zachey was missing me so much that he started crying last night at 4am and wouldn't stop. Eventually out of sheer exhaustion, I got up, and did something I have never done before...put my child in my bed. Needless to say he cuddled right up to me and fell asleep rubbing my hair. If it wasn't so darn cute, and not such a bad habit I think I would do this every night.....

Only 12 weeks left to this semester...I am the little engine, I think I can, I think I can!!!

The only thing getting me through is a VERY supportive family, and friends, a husband who promised not to divorce me (at least until this semester is over) and the thought of having a new little one and the whole summer off to spend with my family and friends!!! I think I can.....

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Quick Pix

I realize with my crazy school, internship, work, baby schedule I have not been taking many pictures of the kids. I took a couple the morning of Valentine's Day before Kenna went to her party. They were watching something on TV (either Martha Speaks, if it was Kenna's turn or Dora, if it was Zachey's :)

They are both getting so big so fast...I feel like the last few weeks have been minutes!

--look at my sweet girl all dressed up for Vday, she looks so grown up!--

Campbell's Play Date

Kenna made her first friend that had no influence from us and they are INSEPARABLE. She talks about her every time she leaves school, and every weekend has wanted to have a play date with her. We finally found a good time that worked and they had a blast! I knew she really liked her when she let Campbell wear her favorite.dress.ever, with no prompting from Mom! They played dress up and babies, had lunch and played outside in the snow, they did makeup and just had a lot of fun! I love that Campbell is sassy and doesn't let McKenna lead every game. Was fun to see her choose such a nice friend..I hope she continues to do so for the rest of her life!

My Little Artist

Rockin New Year's Eve

Was backing up photos today and I realized that I never blogged about Rockin New Years Eve! This year we went to this free event downtown. On New Year's Eve some company brings in about 30 bouncy houses and the kids take turns jumping! There is food and clowns and a grand stage with performances. Was a pretty good time! We went with the Gentry's and may or may not go again, as the "free" part brought out some crazies!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

It's a BOY!

On Monday we found out that Baby 3 is a boy! This makes for a difficult decision as we always have a hard time with boy names...suggestions welcomed!

The funniest part was that we brought McKenna. I am thinking we didn't set it up very well, as she was maybe picturing seeing the baby like you would see pictures in a magazine. So when the tech would say, see the foot, hand, etc. Kenna would say..."no?"

Toward the end she was getting squirrely and bored, and finally the ultrasound tech said, "It's a boy!" Kenna sort of sunk down and whispered to me, "mommy, can you ask her to change it?"

She was so hoping for a little sister! So we are going to be the proud and exhausted parents of 2 boys 2 years apart....send help!

We like dress up

In typical kid fashion - we had some silliness occurring over the weekend!

--I believe Zachey was Super Lobster?--

--And Kenna was a ballerina--

--perhaps a flying ballerina?--

Very fun that they are old enough to play together at this point :) I love hearing them interact, usually Kenna telling Zachey what to do, but cute just the same!

Sunday, February 06, 2011

iphone Videos

Yet even more iphone Pix

More iphone Pix

Sorry if this post is long...there are about a year's worth of photos from Josh's phone! May have to do this in multiple posts :)

--I think they were comparing necks?--

--wow...josh doesn't look like Denny at all does he ;) --

Christmas iphone pix

I have been bothering my poor husband for months to give me all his pictures/movies from his iphone and he gave them to me ages ago...well finally getting to updating them on here :) Some pictures from Christmas :)

Santa brought Kenna luggage, bathrobe, belle doll and slippers, beauty and the beast movie, and guess who. He brought Zachey a truck, car rug, and toy story movie. Rylee got a new bed too...everyone must have been good this year! 

April sent two big boxes..the first one consisted of 100 balls...I was thinking....GREAT! But the next one made more sense when it was a fun toy to contain them all!

We had a low key morning of opening gifts from eachother then off to Gona's for more fun :) We also did a virtual present opening via skype with Grandpa and Grandma Rue along with auntie chelsey and uncle brandon. Not quite the same, but they got to see the kids open their presents!

Friday, February 04, 2011


Look how cute my little one looks in her brand new glasses!!! I can't believe how old she looks! Of course they are Disney princess glasses....way fun!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Baby Kanon

Very excited to post an announcement that April had her baby!

Kanon Anton Woelke born yesterday at 8:10am. 10lbs, 10oz, 23inches. BIG boy! April is a trooper!! Can't wait to meet him!!

Gramma Rue

Gramma Rue came for a short visit this weekend. She flew in after class on Thursday and it ended up being pretty low key because Kenna was sick :( On Friday we went to the new Olive Garden in Ankeny. We expected a crowd, but it took us 15 minutes just to find parking! We wrangled the kids in, and luckily Gona and Baca had written their names down, so the wait wasn't long once we got inside. The service was far better than the grand opening of the olive garden in seattle! Josh and I had to wait over 2 hours there :)

--Happy Birthday Baca!-- 

--poor Zachey's chapped cheeks...this cold weather is no good for his sensitive skin!--

On Saturday we had planned to go do some fun things, but Kenna woke up with the flu. She continued to feel yucky throughout the day. That night Josh and I went to his company's party. It was quite fun, as the entertainment picked on him a little. They hired a couple to sing 70s songs, and at one point they pulled Josh up in front of his whole company and she (actually a guy dressed in drag) proceeded to give him a lap dance...I must admit I found it quite hilarious!

We ate dinner, and Josh stayed after to dance and sing karoke. Sunday Kenna didn't feel much better, so we just stayed inside and played. Monday we both had to work, so Gramma Rue stayed home and played with the kids.

On Tuesday we had quite the storm come in. Apparently the entire midwest was under snow. Gramma Rue's flight was cancelled, which ended up working out nicely because Kenna was still feeling under the weather. I got out of school early, but we did make it to the airport later that night, and Gramma Rue made it home okay! It probably wasn't the fun trip she had in mind, but the kids had a good time!