Sunday, September 01, 2013

Last week of daycare

It was Zachary's last week of daycare last week. He has so loved going there and making great friends with Grace Ann, Quinn, Macie and Matthew. He is so ready for school, but Eski sent this picture of one of their last days. Zachary singing lead (bon jovi song) and the rest playing along :)

I just love this picture of Zachey. Its his favorite jammies (two sizes too small) and him insisting that he does not want to wear a shirt so he can be big like daddy. I think he looks so handsome and so old in this one. What a sweetie :)

New Kitty!

One of our favorite things is going to Gona and Bacas. We had a great time meeting the new kitty Peso. He is so sweet. He didn't much care for Zachey who was a little rough, but we had a great time with four wheelers and playing outside!

Kenna has been obsessed with horses since she went to Colorado...she is trying to ride Tiko here and she loved it!

Hair cut

Since Zachey was little, I have loooooved his thick curly hair and have always kept it long and shaggy. For school he got glasses and a new haircut! He looks so grown up and handsome! My little heartbreaker!


And After :)

The ZOO!

While Kenna was gone in Colorado - thought it would be fun to take the boys to the zoo. We had an absolute blast. They are at the perfect ages to really enjoy it. Everything was WOW, and OOOHH and AHHH! Grayson really got into it, and I realized how amazing it is to see things through the eyes of a 2 and 4 year old!

 Graysons favorite part was his very own l"em-o-ade!"

Zachey's favorite part was feeding the "Jaffeys"

"I'm not tired mom..."

Zachey Meets Miss Bailey

I had to go out of town for work for Zachey's official first day of school. But on Monday he had a meet the teacher day. He also got to put his supplies away and learn how Montessori works. He LOVED it. Such a big boy, so ready for school!

He found his hook, and learned how to take his shoes off, and where to put his backpack. He found the bathroom and the sink that is just his size.

Played with a few toys that were out, but most of the shelves were bare as they have to learn each activity before they get to engage in the "work." He is so excited, so grown adorable :) Very proud of him that he walked right in on Wednesday after Gramma Rue dropped him off!

Zachary "Reads" Stories

Zachary is convinced he can read now that he is getting ready for school. Here he is reading his Superman "book" also known as a placemat :)

McKenna age 7 Interview

Zachary Age 4 Interview

First Day of School!

Second Grade -

Preschool -

Wall Project

This year we finally bit the bullet and decided to work on our backyard. It is coming along quite nicely! What Josh anticipated taking 8 tons of brick, has slowly moved to 16 tons. Below are pictures of the boys watching as the excavator came in and carved out the tiered area in our back yard!

Looks like Zachey doesn't it...nope Grayson!

Zachary was content watching from afar!

Happy birthday sis!!

Happy birthday to my awesome sister! Was so nice to be able to celebrate with her this year! Mom had us over for cake and ice cream. Zachey made her a card and I promised her a pedicure, my treat, when she has time!

This is what happens when I leave the camera out