Sunday, December 30, 2012

Who Loves His Blankey, and Daddy?


Grayson has had more hair than my other two since day one....I don't think I cut Kenna's hair till she was three, and Zachey's until after he was two. But the mullet was more than we could ignore!

I have been trying to find a good day to take him in and it has been impossible! So today when we had five minutes I loaded all the kids in the car and headed to the "haircut store" as Zachey calls it :)

Pretty Shaggy!

He was NOT having it....imagine flailing, screaming, just plain angry Grayson mode. I sort of held him down so she could at least trim the back. We were both covered in hair, but oh well. I can't believe how much older he looks! Hard to tell by the following pictures, but he looks like a little boy now!

His poor little face, he has had this nasty cold that turned into an ear infection and his face is all chapped...:( But you can tell he has a big boy haircut now!

Playing in the Snow

This winter has been quite nice compared to some of the last few! The temps have been just right to play outside, and not freeze! The snow has been great to build forts and go sledding :)

Kenna and all the neighborhood kids playing in our cul de sac mountain

 I have been wanting to go sledding down our hill for a while now...yesterday was the perfect day! Snowboarding pants were a little snug (been a few years) but we had so much fun! Zachey wouldn't go down without me, and we did make it all the way down with a big push from Kenna! That little disc made me hold my legs up...with Zachey on top....great ab workout!

Thinking about taking the older two to the sledding hill in Boone sometime, I think they would love it!!


We are doing a little yoga on a cold morning....Zachey does a great downward dog :)

Thursday, December 20, 2012


We had a HUGE blizzard last night...the entire city is shut down. There is a layer of ice under feet of snow. This was my first day I was supposed to be subbing at the high school starting today. And this is the first day in two years they have cancelled school! Oh well...we will snuggle up and get cozy by the fire and get my house clean for my guests next week!

Tick Has Been Busy

Tick started to be a bit mischievous lately. Found some unique places to hide.


 Cruising around with Barbie and friends

 Kenna was mortified when tick took down our stockings and hung up the kids underwear! She was worried her friends would come over and see!

 We found him dangling from our pictures with a marker

 Looks as if he had some fun doodling!

And fishing for some goldfish

While the novelty has worn off a bit, still fun to see them running to find Tick in the morning!

Goody Plates

I was in a baking whirlwind a few weekends ago! This was the best year for goodies for me by far! Most of which I pictured below. This year's line up was pumpkin bread with strudel topping; oreo truffles; peanut butter chocolates, peppermint kiss chocolate cookies; oatmeal cookies dipped in white chocolate and peppermint; pistachio fudge; peppermint patty drop cookies; andes chocolate bark; almond; chocolate sandwich cookies and raspberry cookies and brown sugar toffee.

These were the two favs this year!!

Although it is a lot of work and calories :) I so enjoy baking for everyone!!

A Few Visitors

We had a few little friends visit on the first snowfall of the season. A little family rooted around our backyard for quite some time. The kids thought ti was pretty cool!

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Kade's Brithday

What do you get a 12 year old boy for his birthday? Cash....I tried to be a little clever this year. Taped 20 $1 bills together. Rolled them all up and put them in a tissue box taping tissue to the end.

Wrapped it all up and put a big tag on the outside that said "Hope your birthday doesn't BLOW!" I think it was a hit! Kenna and I had karate and kindermusik the night of the party so we missed it..but Josh said he thought it was clever :) Happy Birthday Kade!

Silly Tick

What a fun tradition..the kids get such a kick out of finding Tick every morning...seeing what sort of antics he got into the night before :)


 Playing with the TP

Sometimes he writes them notes

 He found a friend

My favorite so far...into the M&Ms!

Friday, December 07, 2012

Painting moms house

Chels and i spent a few hours of quality time painting moms bathrooms a few weeks you can see the color is nice :)

Christmas tree shopping

Josh wasnt feeling good a few weeks ago. Since i really wanted to get a tree, I loaded the kids up and off we went! Getting the darn thing leveled was the hardest part!

Monday, December 03, 2012

Holiday Cards

This year we ordered two sets of Christmas cards....the top was a little more pricy and has some fancy cuts (they turned out awesome!) But as our list moves passed 100, we also get some "just keeping in touch" cards....can't help but feel as if we classified our friends this year..but happy with how they both turned out!

Photo Card
View the entire collection of cards.

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Dance Party

The Kirshbaum girls are so fun. Sammie and Olivia came over the other night and we were blasting Justin Beiber and "Call Me Maybe" quite the dance party at our house.

I am not sure which was cuter, the girls trying to dance together or Grayson running around like a wild man :)

Welcome "Tickled" Our Elf on a Shelf

The kids were SO EXCITED when they saw that our elf on a shelf arrived! For those not familiar, the elf appears around Christmas time. He watches you all day and then magically flies to the North Pole to report to Santa what you did all day. Then he returns to your house each night, usually finding another place to hide. Elves are mischievous and can get into all sorts of trouble if you aren't careful. 

Just the night before McKenna was talking about how her friends had an elf and she was wondering if one would visit us. It worked out wonderfully because on December 1st ours arrived! The excitement was palpable! She screamed when I walked in from my workout saying "WE HAVE AN ELF MOM!!" Josh said that he watched as she came down the stairs that morning and she was almost shaking she was so excited!

The rules are that you can't touch him or he loses his magic, and we were to give him a name. McKenna thought of the first name "Tickles" Tick for short and Zachey said his last name should be "Christmas." So welcome Tickled Christmas. 

He arrived and made the kids "snow doughnuts" for breakfast. Quite a treat in our house! He also makde hot chocolate to go with it, that the kids had to share.

He also brought a book explaining what he does and a note to the kids.

We have 23 more days of fun hiding places to explore! And the kids talked to him all day and were on pretty good behavior as they knew he was "watching" so fun!