Monday, December 29, 2014

Santa Came!!

I could not BELIEVE the kids slept in till after 730.....was dying for them to get up!!! I had cinnamon roll casserole cooking. Finally they got up and we got it on camera :)

This year was super simple - or that was the intent. Each child got their own lego set, and some random stocking fun (toothpaste, playdoh, notebook and markers, socks and maybe a little candy :)

Then the lego table was a big hit! Big gift from santa along with minecraft books and Just Dance 2015 for the family.

I loved having just a low key Christmas day with present opening, yummy breakfast and staying in jammies all day playing with new toys! Was so nice to just have it be simple!

Josh sent me on a crazy fitness treasure hunt! Each clue required me to do something active (jumping jacks, push ups, etc.) And then there was some money and another clue. It was so silly and sweet! The money is intended to buy something fitness related at the gym, trainer, testing etc. I mostly got him survival/backpacking type items. Camp stove and hiking bag, some silly things like giant lighter and flask. Love having kids this age, and love being surrounded by amazing family!

I love that Grayson helped this year with the cookie plate. He said that reindeer do not like carrots they like of course we left some bread out for them :)

Monday, December 22, 2014

Pump it Up

A few weekends ago we met up with the Miaz family and had a fun filled morning! Lindsey had originally bought a groupon deal online for an inflatables gym. And, we thought it opened at 10. Well, after meeting there and knocking on the door...we realized this must not be the we went to the nearest mall and played on the toys there, told santa what was on the lists (sans Grayson who is scared to death of santa!) and rode the little train. The kids are all around the same ages, so made for a really fun afternoon!

Zeeshaun and Zach are so funny together. They still sing a song that they heard on sesame street together over a year ago! Every time they see eachother they say "Its the letter H!!"

This crazy contraption below is supposed to simulate hurricane level winds...why they wanted to waste a dollar in there is beyond me - but it was funny to watch.

Caught ya!

Terrible picture, but had to snap it when they weren't looking. I love watching Kenna read to her brothers, makes my heart happy :) Such a good big sis!

Itty Bitty Snow

We've had like 10 minutes of snow this winter! Can't believe it may not be a white Christmas!! Glad to be the house on the hill on days when it does snow. The nighborhood kids all flock to our house!


McKenna couldn't WAIT to go to the nutcracker with her classmates. She was so excited she barely slept. I was worried that she wouldn't have any clothes dressy enough, but we managed to piece together a pretty darn cute outfit! She absolutely loved it! "Best fieldtrip ever" per McKenna

Jolly Holiday Lights

We have sort of made it a family tradition to see Jolly Holiday Lights each year. This year we realized we were running out of time! It has been hard to find a day when everyone in the house has been healthy, so we decided last night was the night. Little did we know that the entire Des Moines population would have the same idea we did! Luckily Josh passed the line of cars that backed all the way up into downtown. He turned around at Grey's Lake and sort of snuck right into Waterworks Park :)

Definitely the most crowded we have ever seen it, which is great for Make A Wish!

During the long amounts of wait time, Josh quickly got sick of my Christmas music playlist and searched spotify for Christmas songs. The kids were dying laughing listening to the 12 days of Christmas sung by the muppets, and a few new classics "Do you have any Grapes" and something about an italian donkey....quite hilarious!

Excuse the ridiculously bright pictures...the flash was so bright in the dark!!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Grandma Great Christmas

The tradition continued with our yearly christmas in perry! Mike and Bridgot came with AJ, Colton and Heather and all their kids.  Kathy and Denny and our family.  Emmi came but Kade had a fever so he stayed home. It definitely wasn't the same without Mark and Kade!

Mike smoked brisket and of course there was tons of fabulous food! Some of the funnier gifts this year were "man smell" cologne, pickled eggs, and a jar of nuts that actually had springing snakes inside it.  Zachary was stoked to get popcorn and banana Dominos. Kenna traded three times and ended up with candy canes. Grayson stole a nutcracker which he is quite happy with! Zach almost didn't make it because he had the pukes this morning. .. But was fine for quite a few hours so we chanced it!