Saturday, December 28, 2013

TIckeld the Elf

This year "Tick" caused all sorts of craziness! He came the first weekend of December bringing powdered sugar snowmen for breakfast.

He got tangled in yarn and played with the band-aids.

When Kenna had to get two teeth pulled she wanted to keep them. So Tick paired up with the tooth fairy and brought Kenna $20!! She was very brave to get that surgery I guess they thought she earned it! The letter from the tooth fairy even had glitter on it..pretty cool!


Tick left Kenna and Zachey a note when he left with Santa on Christmas telling them to be good, and that he would see them next year! He even swung by Disneyworld to get them some ornaments to help them remember their trip this summer!!

Christmas Whirlwind

This year we started what I hope to be a fun new Christmas tradition. I made popcorn, the kids got in their jammies and we all watched Polar Express together. The movie truly was magical. Grayson, Zachey and Kenna got so into it! Grayson kept shouting, "look mom!!" Or "Whooooaaaa!!" as the train bobbed and weaved to the north pole. It was good for Kenna as the premise of the movie is a boy who isn't quite sure he believes. Really cute movie. They read the book at Zachey's school, and in Boone they actually have a polar express train that we will try and hit next year!

We had our Eski party again this year and the kids got gifts from "santa." Kenna sort of giggled saying - that isn't the REAL santa, but they got some cute things. We ate and caught up with everyone. 

I was also lucky enough to be able to help at Kenna's school this year for her class party. Not sure what we did before pinterest! 

I was in charge of the snack. I made "grinch kabobs" cheesestick snowmen, and melted snowman water. The activity was "elf yourself" and then they had a game where they turned their classmates into snowmen. Was really pretty fun :)

Friday, December 27, 2013

Disney Vacation Part 6

One evening we went to play mini golf. The kids were surprisingly quite good! Especially Mr. Zachary! It was very lavish with waterfalls and broken down vehicles. Kenna even won the chance to hold an alligator! When we first entered the course, I thought they were fake - well turns out there were a ton of little baby gators wandering around in the cage!

These are just some of my favorite pictures. From the first day when Kenna found a hat she really wanted, and one of me being silly eating at Joe's Crab Shack!

This is my absolute favorite picture from the whole trip because the ride was so UN scary...hahahahah.

I feel so fortunate that we are at a place where we can go on such a fun vacation. I love that my kids are so excited over the little things and that princesses and pirates are still magical! A swim in the pool or being able to watch cartoons on their own TV just makes their day. I love that my family all got to experience it, and that we got to go with spencer on his first Disney trip! I hope this is just one of many fun family vacations in the future!

Disney Vacation Part 5

After Legoland we had dinner reservations at Arabian Knights. Kenna has been obsessed with horses since her Colorado trip with Gona, so thought this would be fun. We got to go backstage and meet the horses and learn about what it takes to train them. Then we got dinner and experienced a pretty good show about a prince and princess getting married. Was amazed at what some of the people can do jumping and flipping on horses as they are riding!

The next day the kids were running on empty a bit. But once we got going it was good! We hit toy story ride right away! Zachey enjoyed this one a lot!

The kids were excited to see star tours as they had recently seen star wars for the first time! Zachey picked out his souvenir (star wars legos) and kenna a lightsabor. Later Zachey changed his mind as he found a cute baby giraffe that he just couldnt put down. He was almost in turmoil over the decision - so we ended up getting him star wars legos for christmas, which made his day!

We got to see a production of some of the shows the kids like, then it was off to Jedi training academy! The kids got to wear robes and learn how to be Jedis. It was really funny, and they got to fight darth vader in the end!

We had originally planned on staying for fireworks, but the kids got pretty tired. We did get to ride the tower of terror and aerosmith rockin rollercoaster! Kenna was scared after the aerosmith ride, but she did really like tower of terror.