Sunday, October 04, 2015

Love Montessori!

One thing I so love about the Montessori philosophy is independence. Grayson INSISTED on doing dishes after we made cake the other day as that is what he "did in school." He was so meticulous and adorable...can I just stop time?


To say I am having a good time at my job is an understatement. I find myself really enjoying the silly parts of high school all over again!

Every year the week of homecoming both highschools have a big event. At the north school its called On The Prowl (fitting as they are jaguars.) It consists of a team and about 20 ridiculous games from ring toss, to crawling through pudding. The kids LOVE it! I would guess we had at least 400-500 kids out of the 1200 attend. Each team gets a different color shirt and has to find a sponsor. 

I couldn't say no as they were in needs of sponsors and I'm glad I didn't because team "headless horsemen" had a great time :) 


We have been struggling to find a passion for Zachary. About this age for Kenna she was very excited and "into" karate. Its never been a question for her. And we love it because it teaches great life lessons and allows her to do something that keeps her active and in a great network of kids.

Zachary has ALWAYS had a gift for music - we knew this at a young age. And when he really liked choir camp this summer, I was hopeful! We signed him up for heartland youth choir and I am soooo thrilled! There are multiple choirs some of which you have to audition for, but his age group all are welcome. We went to the kick off a few weeks ago, and got to listen to the Chamber Choir perform. They were breathtaking! I got teary eyed. They get to tour in Ireland singing in many of the cathedrals! 

And to make things even better Zachary is constantly singing now, in the car, in the bathroom, to his animals before bed...I just love it!

Block Party

September brings block party fun! With the main coordinator moving this year, we had to move locations, but Kestners stepped up big time! Alayna's brother brought his tractor and 5 gallon ice cream maker! The kids thought this was the coolest!

We also opted for bigger playhouse this year which the kids loved....the boys were absolutely fried by the end of the night.

There was a hawks game on, so Norths pulled out their projector and watched it on their garage.

The evening ended with firetruck and ambulance visits. Grayson was enthralled.

Family Fun Night

Trying to find time to spend together doing fun things as a family is tricky with our busy schedules. But we try to keep Friday nights sacred. A few of the latest are watching Inside Out and mini golf. The mini golf was a little less than successful as Kenna got SUPER frustrated that the boys were naturally better than her...I attribute it to a long week at school.

Scout Can Drive

Almost all of these cans were collected with the help of my awesome neighborhood and co-workers! The scouts spent the rest of the morning going door to door collecting cans for our fundraiser. Zach did an awesome job helping sort everything. He was most interested in the glass bottles, and the grasshopper he found...but it was a success nonetheless!