Saturday, July 23, 2011

More Baby Gray Photos

 Some pictures from the last few days of Baby Gray.

--Kenna helping with bathtime--

--look at those baby blues!--

--he's almost at the point where he likes to look at dangly things--


--what a sweet face!--

Feeding the Ducks

I did it! I know it has been 6 weeks...but I successfully had a day trip with all the little ones on my own. I mean, I have gone some quick places like a drive through bank, or to Eski's and back, but this was a full on outing :)

Josh, Chelsey, Tali, Demonte, Emmi and Kade went to Adventureland today, a six flags and waterpark just east of Des Moines. I think it will be a blast when our kids are older, but they aren't really at the age to fully enjoy it yet.

So, not to be outdone, we went to the lake and fed the ducks. There is a great spot in Ankeny that always has a million ducks and isn't crowded, so I could easily push Grayson around and watch the kids. 

--Posing with Grayson--

--don't let that look fool you..he is just mad he had go potty before we left--

--the ducks were not afraid at all--

--Zachey kept saying "here ducky"--

--what is this face?--

So, while this was impressive enough, I then ventured to the grocery store! Let me tell you, there is no cart that holds three kids, at least by design. I found one that had a "kid" part with steering wheels up top, then squeezed grayson's car seat in the lower part...not the safest, but it worked. And we are enjoying baked sandwiches and strawberries as we speak. They were so great, actually not nearly as bad as I had envisioned!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Some things I have to write because they are hilarious!

Zachey mispronounces truck. He replaces the t with an he is caught saying fruck quite often..I have received some looks in the grocery store for that one :) My other favorite is drink. Especially when he is in a hurry or REALLLY thirsty he asks "mommy, I need my gink..." so cute :) He also runs things together. There are a million but my favorite is "in there" as in "momma - der is a hole-in-der"

Kenna really says most things as she should now (which is both good and saddening.) But she still forgets a few things - one being connect. She says ni-neck - which josh and I both find adorable.

At this point Grayson has started cooing - but isn't mispronouncing anything.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Daddy planned a big adventure for us on Saturday. We took Grayson to Auntie Ems and the big kids and Rylee went on a hike with us in Ames. There is a national known frisbee golf park that is built in an old forest with trees and meadows. It was really pretty and we hiked the whole thing! Zachey made it almost the whole way, but was definitely worn out by the end and needed daddy to carry him.

--not sure who was the most excited...Kenna or Rylee!-- 

--don't we look like adventurers?-- 

--big stairs mom-- 

--eating a snack by the stream-- 

--kiddos had fun walking in the water--

Aside from the 90 degree weather and 127% humidity that is Iowa summer, we had such a fun time. I think the kids really enjoyed being outside and exploring new territory. Kenna really got into the whole adventure thing :) We ate pizza at a local place in Ames then headed home for much needed naps!

That evening we had an impromptu BBQ with the neighbors. A few of them had a smoked pork contest, some smoking it for over 8 hours. It was really amazing, and I am not a pork fan! Some brought sweet corn, salads, dip, and I made twice baked potatoes. It was REALLLLLY hot, but it was worth it to have a fun evening catching up with the neighbors. We are lucky to live in such a nice neighborhood!

Dinner at Dean Park

There is this great park they built in Ankeny last year. It has a free water feature with recycled tire flooring, so it is super bouncy and fun. The kids love splashing in the water and we decided to have a picnic dinner there a few nights ago. Kenna was being silly and sticking her bum in the water. Zachey had more fun getting wet in the drinking fountain, but at least they ran some of their energy off!

--she thinks its hilarious to get her bottom wet-- 

--looking at his silly sister-- 

--sleeping through the whole evening :) --

Grayson is Smiling

Grayson has officially smiled. I was sort of seeing it last week, but hard to tell if it is gas or genuine smile. Well we've seen a bunch this weekend while talking to him. Auntie Em says she is taking full credit :) She watched him Saturday for a few hours and said she got lots of toothless grins.

--dreaming of something happy!-- 

--just love that chubby little face!--

Swimming Lessons

Kenna started swimming lessons this last week. I was a little worried, as last year she was somewhat fearful of putting her face in the water. And there was no way she was jumping in the water. Well because of some peer pressure from Megan the last few trips to the pool, and trying to show off for her new friends, she is pretty fearless this year! They have been playing various games that get them used to being under water and practicing both front crawl and backfloat. She is really doing well. I am also impressed by her ability to make friends quickly. There are a few girls that she really warmed right up cute!

Trying to manage a newborn in the heat while trying to be attentive to Kenna has been somewhat challenging. Sometimes I take her into class, go out to the car to feed Grayson, then am back in time to catch the last bit of her lesson. I met a mom that I have had fun chatting with so I have really enjoyed swimming lessons as well!

Monday, July 11, 2011


We had a busy holiday weekend. I know it wasn't a holiday for most, but for us it was! It was Ankeny's annual summerfest celebration, which is always the weekend after the 4th. There are games, volleyball, vendor shows, softball, parades, carnivals, fireworks, bands, just a very busy 4 days!

This year Brandon and Chelsey were here, so we ventured out and did a little more than usual :) We started with the parade on Saturday where we got way too much candy. We met up with Eski and her family, Kohls, Andersens, Aunti Em and Kade. The kids loved getting the candy, but the parade has turned more into an election campaign and advertising for businesses rather than the parades I remember as a kid...but still fun. Zachey loved the old firetrucks, police cars and tractors :)

Later that day I got the kids up early from nap to head to the cardboard boat rigada. Our neighbors spend months working on their boat. There are prizes for best titanic sinking, fastest, and most creative. This year they built an amazing boat, probably 10x5x5. It resembled a wave with a shark jumping through it and biting the was very cool and kicked everyone else's butt by at least half the race course.

Taking all the kids to the boat race was probably a mistake. Grayson was not happy because it was so hot. So we walked quickly to the snacks to get the kids some treats while Grayson got something to eat as well. A bright red popsicle on a 90 degree day may have been a bad stained Zachey's skin temporarily, but did wash off in the end :)

--one happy sticky boy!-- 

--kenna was much more happy with her ice cream cone choice!--

That evening the big kids went to Gona and Baca's and Josh and I had a chance to go out for a nice dinner. It was quite fun, and the first time we'd been alone since Grayson was born really! We went to Rinallos and I had some great wine and Josh got his favorite food in the world fried Brie!

On Sunday we let everyone sleep in, watched a movie and Chels and I went to what we thought was an art show...turned out to be a vendor fair, but I did get a cute insulated lunch bag! Then we came home and Chelsey practiced doing McKenna's hair for her wedding. Was VERY cute, but took over an hour...hmmm wondering if she will hold still that long again!

--so pretty! She looked so big!-- 

Then it was time for fireworks! Zachey was exhausted, so I put him to bed around 730 but woke him up at 915 to head to the fireworks! We have a great method. We load everyone in the car and pull off on a side road right by the fireworks show. We put out our lawn chairs, eat popcorn and cover ourselves in bug spray. Then during the finale we throw all our chairs in the car and zip out of there! Then we beat all the traffic and are still able to see the show! Worked out great!

--it was still 86 degrees at we sat in the car for a few minutes-- 

--Zachey was so cute--

Zachey kept saying, "oh data a loud one" or "oooo dat bright!" There were also some planes circling the fireworks and he was pretty excited about seeing the airplane as well. I am glad we woke him up...was very fun!

This morning we are all dragging a little...there was a crazy thunderstorm last night that woke up Kenna. She has a busy day with swimming lessons and an eye dr. appointment...the summer is flying by!

Friday, July 08, 2011

Video of Mr. Grayson

4 Weeks Old...crazy!

Keeping Busy

This summer is flying by too fast! Grayson is already a month old...and I only have 10 weeks of maternity leave! Potty training was less than successful. Zachey gets it, and I think he knows that he needs to go, but is so busy playing and having a good time he would rather just go in his pants. UGH. Oh well, I did the same method I did with kenna and he was just not having it. After 4 days of utter exhaustion, I said forget it...we will try again later and in the meantime remind him of the potty and work with him at his pace. 

Brandon got here yesterday and we headed to the zoo today with the boys. Chelsey took Kenna and Megan to the new pool in town. Sounds like it is pretty crowded, but that is typical on a hot summer day! I prefer the quiet pace of the city's older pool, but the new one is far cooler :)

This weekend we are going to be doing lots of fun Summerfest things! Parade tomorrow, carnival, boat rigada, fireworks, should be fun! We'll see if Grayson can keep up with us!

--Chelsey made a yummy ice cream cake for a dinner party with Josh's friends from high school-- 

--Kenna loves her little brother-- 

--he kinda likes her too-- 

--kenna playing dress up with Rylee--

The other night Megan, Jillian and Megan set up a stand to make some money. I thought, cute idea! Then I saw that there were selling...wait for water..hmm not the best business venture. And on a cul-de-sac....hmmm. Well, I brought them out some watermelon slices to eat as they waited. They ended up selling those and making about a buck each. So I guess it wasn't a total flop! Pretty funny :)

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Fun pictures from Gona and Bacas

Was going through my email and found these fun pictures from a visit to Gona and Bacas :)

--one of the last pregnant photos of me, wow, Kenna and I are totally related!--