Friday, July 07, 2017

Fill the Tank

Zach is hilarious. We have been going on this journey of his sleep....he has been a great sleeper his entire life. The last two years have been a little different. He has a hard time getting to sleep and HATES getting up early - just like his dad ;)

With that has sparked his love of reading! He reads an entire book a night sometimes. Often we have almost reached our 100 item checkout limit....its kind of crazy. He also is a late eater...last night I cracked up. He came into our room and said he was hungry around 10pm. Usually we make him go reheat the dinner he hadn't eaten or have a yogurt or banana. He had a protein drink in the fridge and drank that instead.

He came up after he was done and said "yum, that filled the tank" while rubbing his belly. Then "goodnight!" The kid is a hoot.

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