Wednesday, July 05, 2017

July 4th

We had quite a busy 4th of July weekend! Started off with our neighborhood "flip flop party." That consists of each neighbor on the culdesac making a signature drink and maybe a snack. Then we start at Colin's house and work our way around to the 8 houses in the circle. Great way to get caught up with the neighbors. This year we had 24 people participating! Fun group!

The next morning we had "breakfast on the green." This is another neighborhood tradition where we each bring a breakfast item and celebrate in the center of our culdesac. It was a bit too much "neighboring" for Josh, but I enjoyed seeing everyone! I made mini cinnamon rolls which were a big hit!

Following breakfast we headed to Ames to watch Kade and the rest of the drumline march in the parade! The temperatures were pretty close to the surface of the sun...but we didn't melt entirely! Em ran back to her car to get some umbrellas which helped immensely! Was fun to see Kade being all cool....

After that we went to Baca's and Josh helped him get rid of some fallen trees. Then headed home where the kids got a much needed nap (we didn't get to sleep until after midnight from flip flop night!) I went to Amanda's and watched a few episodes of that was a blast from the past! Went to Chelseys for a bit to walk through changes she needs to make to her house before renting it and finished the day watching Ripleys set off fireworks!

Happy 4th to all!

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