Monday, January 30, 2017

Sleepover and some tough times


There is a lot happening right now. Lots of it not so good.

Chelsey and Spencer found out their little baby has a heart condition. They have had many tests done, have had a surgery in Boston (in utero) to try and repair his heart. While there was some improvement they have concluded that the baby will need to have multiple operations in the first years of life. There are a lot of "what ifs" that will need to be explored after he is born. Luckily he can be born in Iowa City and should only need to be there 4-6 weeks before coming home. They have a long road ahead and through the generosity of many of my friends and family we have raised nearly $3000 to help them get through it. (Silver lining.)

My good friend and the kids previous day care provider recently heard that her estranged son's ex-girlfriend (are you following this?) was in jail. This meant that her 5 children from 5 fathers were homeless. Eski was pressured by the social worker into taking in all 5 if she wanted her grandson. She is exhausted, overwhelmed and is realizing she has taken on an impossible task.

Emmi, Josh, Kade, Gona and Baca all went to Mexico to celebrate Baca's 70th birthday. A few days after they left Mark reached his limit in his struggle with alcohol and called Emmi saying he was ready to seek impatient help. I have been helping them coordinate long distance and Emmi is on a redeye back here right now.

Donald Trump has signed 10 executive orders in his first week in office...silencing the EPA, shutting down primarily Muslim countries from entering the US, appealing the ACA. He continues to push to build this ridiculous wall bordering Mexico which would be the only barrier in the world between two civil countries. He is a narcissistic sociopath and I am uncertain how we got to this place as a nation. Everyone is so angry and hateful to each other.

I write this not because I want to dwell on the negative, but to celebrate the positive. We are so fortunate in that we have everything we could ever need. I have fabulous family and support and I am choosing to dwell on that!

Last night it was Grayson's turn to sleep in my bed while daddy was gone. He was SO excited. He got all the blankets ready and couldn't wait to go to sleep. I laid down next to him and he covered me up with his favorite monkey blanky and kissed my cheek. He wrapped his little arms around my arm and snuggled with his head just under my chin and he quietly went to sleep and I thought "this....this is what life is about and I am so grateful to be in this place right now. The world is good."

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